Recovery Direct is South Africa’s top addiction rehab facility designed specifically to address the many cases of drug and alcohol substance use disorders. The centre is rehab Cape Town and offers an intensive daily treatment programme centred around each patient and is formulated in the context of their specific problems that have caused them to perpetuate self destructive behaviours and routines with substances.

Recovery Direct’s registered counselling team comprises specialist multidisciplinary staff that are able to confront and resolve a range of problematic disorders including substance addictions, process and behavioural conditions and complex eating and other disorders. Therapy for patients is comprised of daily one on one treatment sessions, daily group sessions and a broad range of services that are supported through a medically supervised detox.

Recovery Direct is NOT a 12 step addiction treatment centre. All treatment has no affiliation with step programs or any religion or faith based treatment. Treatment undertaken uses an appreciative guidance model based on advanced cognitive behaviour changes and complex trauma resolution principals.

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