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Find the best structured living sobriety homes based in Cape Town. Recovery Direct is well positioned to recommend a broad variety of long-stay sober living homes around South Africa.

Sober Homes in Cape Town

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Sober Living Home in Cape Town – Sober Living House, Halfway House.

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Sober Homes in Cape Town
Recovery Direct operates under a secured sober living home based in Cape Town. Sober homes consist of all the routines and operations of the private residential rehab however without the restrictions of access and maintenance requirements in primary care. Patients generally graduate to sober home style living immediately after the initial 28 days in recovery. Staying in the secondary care facility and taking part in daily group therapy and counseling services.
Halfway Houses in Cape Town
The term Halfway houses and halway homes for addiction are used interchangeably with sober homes in the addiction recovery. In Recovery Direct “halfway houses” are on and availability and request basis only and consist of reduced rate accommodation services in homes external to the Recovery Direct Centres. These houses are communal living homes for like minded individuals looking to maintain their newly gained sobriety and reintegrate back into day to day life. Residents still often attend Recovery Direct’s outpatients program and continue using the many tools gained in the primary care facility.

Long-term recovery means, breaking the cycle, developing life skills to handle cravings, avoiding relapse triggers and starting a mindful and constructive path forward.