Recovery Direct hosts a daily morning practice called “Setting” which is introduced by Tamzin Williams and Steve Borloz. The routine invites you into a combination of yoga and breathwork exercises that are uniquely staged to strengthen your nervous system and help you focus on establishing new healthy routines.

Setting a new objective each day

The early morning routine leverages off your rested state where you are crossing over from your subconscious mind into your conscious day ahead.

In this early stage of the day, you have a natural clarity and are better able to adapt to new routines and explore self-growth practices without external stress.

Mindful exercise

The setting practice uses gentle core muscle exercises, flexing of the lower abdomen, spine and nervous system.

Conscious breathing exercises bring your awareness to yourself and simply ensures that oxygen is reaching your bloodstream and being distributed through your body.

At the end of each session, your mind is activated and your body should be operating optimally. In that newly energised state, you are able to reflect introspectively and set your meaningful and progressive personal goal for your day ahead.

Other important factors

Most classes are held with your eyes closed so as to heighten your own physical and emotional awareness. Tamsin and Steve have created the routine with the intent of it being repetitive and thus easily learned and practised at home. So you don’t need to be any level Yoga expert to do it properly.

While the physical exercises may initially challenge your comfort zone, that is ok. You are invited, not obligated to follow them all. They are designed to challenge your boundaries and as you get used to the physical routine it becomes much easier to perform.

Setting is self-care

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix may in some remote circumstances be classified as self-care, however, we all know that true self-care requires new routines that are only intended to heighten your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Your progress in life quite literally requires your personal clarity in key life decision making and focused intention setting which in truth can only come from inside of you.

The actual setting routine

Steve and Tamzin condensed an hour-long routine into 30 minutes so that the core of the routine could fit into your hectic daily schedule. This time frame can, of course, be adjusted to suit your day when you leave the centre.

The actual routine by itself can be found here for those that are interested in exploring how-to self-care practice on their own.

As a true self-care routine setting can be broken down into the elements to suit you.

Open with introspection.

  • 1st Exercise – Pelvic Lifts
  • 2nd Exercise – Leg Lifts
  • 3rd Exercise – Piston Legs
  • 4th Exercise – Cat / Cow
  • 5th Exercise – Side Bend
  • 6th Exercise – Alternating Arm Swings
  • 7th Exercise – Arm Sweeps

Final step – Acknowledging and honouring your re-energised self and setting a positive, progressive mind frame for your day ahead.



Self-care routines centre vs your home

The ideal moment to practice self-care setting from the moment you wake up and step out of bed. Before anything distracts you or sends you into a tailspin for the day you can set your intentions and start your day in the right positive direction.

The setting practice at Recovery Direct simply aligns that train of thought upfront. The power and effect of the routine work best when you start doing it naturally on your own to start each day as your new “wake up” routine.

Like with most of these things the actual most positive side effects happen as you repeat the process the cycle works through your body and mind and your internal state of being.

Your mind and body will begin to establish new ways to cope with your day before your day even begins. With this counter-intuitive approach means that even if the “wheels fall off” during the day. You are physically and emotionally building a personal reservoir of resilience that you can go back to each morning to re-set.