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Pain, Trauma & Addiction

The underlying drivers of addiction come from pain and trauma experienced either physically or psychologically, often as far back as early childhood.

Dealing with these drivers enables individuals to re-format their lives, where they no longer need the substances they are addicted to.

Regardless of how “far” you are in any addiction there is hope. With the right care, support and attitude any obstacles can be overcome.

Daily One on One

Daily one on one therapy fast-tracks the healing and mental preparedness to resume day to day life.

Recovery Direct provides daily therapy sessions, daily group sessions equating to 7x more interactions with professional counsellors.

The standard month stay is equivalent to up to 6 months in other rehabs where one on one counselling sessions occur only once a week.

Life Coaching

The focus on regaining your life after rehab is the key to a sustainable recovery. Life coaching is part of the ongoing continuum of care based model that is designed to restore motivation and direction in patients.

Life coaching and mindful personal growth play a fundamental factor in in the education about and abstraction from harmful substances and addictions.

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Specialised Addiction Rehabilitation Centres Based in Cape Town South Africa

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We are here to help you get your life back on track. Our staff are trained across a broad range of addiction topics and the many interrelated family and professional issues that surround addiction.

Vaughan Pankhurst.

Over the last 8 years I have embarked on an incredible personal journey of long-term recovery. After volumes of research into addiction, speaking to experts around the world and practically standing on the front line of hundreds of addiction treatment cases over the last 6 years. Our experience has culminated into the formulation of our flagship Recovery Direct Programme for sustainable addiction treatment.

Through the painful resolution of my own addictions and the shared insights and personal journeys of so many families and individuals struggling with substance abuse or compulsive behaviours.

We have formulated a distinctly unique approach for viable addiction treatment.

Based off insights into mass research psychology and Recovery Direct is the ultimate treatment and care solution, focused on resolving patients, trauma / pain resolution, and dismantling the forces that are driving their addictions.



Vaughan J Pankurst


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Changing The Perception Of Addiction Rehabilitation

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We provide specialist treatment for alcoholics, drug users and a variety of other related addiction disorders such as gambling, sex, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, khat, prescription drugs and over the counter medication substance abuse. Recovery Direct also manages a number of sober living homes and halfway houses and a workplace intervention services in the context of the addiction recovery and residential rehab programs. Our rehabilitation centre routine and positive behavioral reprogramming and trauma resolution therapy, enables individuals to break free from their addictions and maintain productive day to day outputs while managing the ongoing process of their recovery.