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Free from distraction, free from judgment.
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We Are Here To Help You Recover

Get your life back. Recovery Direct is a safe, neutral zone designed to be a supportive and caring location for you to explore the effects of your relationships, emotions, physical and psychological wellbeing.

We understand because we have been there. We understand because we listen to you without judgement. We can help you understand what is really going on and get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Substance Use Disorders

The thin line between normal use and a substance use disorder can vary from person to person. Symptoms may vary from mild to severe, depending on a range of dynamics at play. Chat to one of our substance counsellors today.


Are you compulsively using exercise, shopping, gambling, work, food, sex, infidelity, pornography or masturbation to mask deeper emotional struggles? RD provides confidential help for many compulsive behaviours no shame or stigma.

Trauma and PTSD

Resolving residual traumatic experiences through specialised, personalised and confidential trauma care therapy. Helping patients mindfully manage past and present experiences in the context of their daily lives.

Damaged Emotions

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, unhappy, hopeless, angry, suicidal or like you don’t have a purpose in life? Adaptable private care rehabilitation programmes based in Cape Town that are crafted to fit each patient’s unique life circumstances.

Transformational Care From Cape Town’s Most Exclusive Rehab

In a time of pandemics, recessions and isolation. Escape the drama to a private, secure, discreet and highly individualised rehabilitation centre in Cape Town.

You may not know what is “wrong”, but we know how to ask the right questions that will give you answers.

You are at Recovery Direct to be heard, understood, supported and empowered, nothing more and nothing less. This is simply space for you to decompress, reorder and your wellbeing. You are here without judgement, labels, blame, shame, guilt or fear.


We are here to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Let’s find out what is really going on.


There is no formula to helping a human being.

We listen to you, carefully and without judgement.
As your story unfolds, your path forwards will become clearer.
We listen to you, with understanding, care and empathy.
This space is your platform to be heard and acknowledged.
We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying.
And the things you do not want to say, but need to.


You are here to get better, feel better, work better and live better.
As scary as personal journeys feel in the beginning, we understand because we have been there. This is a place of profound, personal growth and you are supported through care and guidance.

Many symptoms may indicate that something needs professional help

Are you using “street drugs”, prescription medication, over the counter medication, alcohol, nicotine in a way that is detrimental to your wellbeing? Substances replace many natural coping mechanisms or divert emotional pain, time to deal with the cause.

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Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, unhappy, hopeless, angry, suicidal or like you don’t have a purpose in life? Ruminating cycles of thought robbing you of being the most authentic version of yourself. Let’s learn to be kinder, more for forgiving to yourself.

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Are you ok with yourself, partners, parents, siblings, children, friends and colleagues? Stuck in toxic family dynamics and battles leaving you unsure of the way forward? All too often we are too close to the flame to see what is really happening.

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Are you compulsively using exercise, shopping, gambling, work, food, sex, affairs, pornography or masturbation to numb deeper emotional damage? Often these behaviours are misunderstood, steeped in stigma with disastrous consequences.

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Are you feeling burnt out, undervalued, underappreciated, that you “don’t fit” or that there is too much pressure on you, or that nothing seems to work out? These thoughts can become highly invasive and even suicidal. There is no shame in asking for help.

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When last did you take a real “time out” for exploring true “self-care”. Establishing a connection to your physical, emotional, spiritual self. From the food, you eat to your intention to heal. Creating healthy self-care routines in every area of your life.

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Prescription medication is often only a temporary solution. Over the last 10 years, the progress of mental health or rehab treatment into recovery has substantially advanced. The field of addiction recovery through specialised and dynamic talk therapy, mindfulness practices in dedicated treatment environments is an incredibly powerful medium for to unlock stuck thought patterns and help you recover your life again, living free from addiction, depression, anxiety to find mental wellness.

One of South Africa’s top “rehab” facilities (RD Cape Town)

South Africa’s “Best Rehab Centre” For Your Mental Wellness

See why Recovery Direct is seen as one of the best and most intensive evidence-based therapeutic care centres in South Africa. Click the play button to see the video overview of the Rehab Centre in Cape Town, or see below features of the centre that separate us from the traditional methods of establishing psychological wellness on a broad range of symptoms.

Unconditional positive regard

We listen without judgement or preconceived ideas.
We listen in absolute confidentiality and with care.
We listen to understand and really hear you.
We work through each issue as it comes up, no matter what that is or how difficult it is to say the words.
We accept you as you are and work with you to shift what you want to change, at your own pace.
You are free to move through all of your feelings and experiences in a safe space – without having to change any of it for any reason.
We hold your vulnerability and help you rebuild yourself.

Recovery Direct Rehab Cape Town

Recovery Direct’s is a group of specialised treatment centres in Cape Town that provides exclusive inpatient (residential), outpatient (visitor), or groups based counselling services for a wide range of mental health symptoms.

Out specialist counsellors offer an evidence-led model that is updated with the latest research in the most effective treatment. The appreciative approach to care means that your individualised care can be exponentially more effective than in other “rehab facilities in South Africa” simply because you are being treated like a human being without the “labels” or the stigma.

Our uncompromised belief is that treatment should be by invitation from a safe and restorative environment. We could not have found a location more suited to that title than Constantia in Cape Town.

This Cape Town centre is crafted to reduce stress to enhance therapeutic counselling and care programme.

The rehab centre hosts a number of executive suites, private suites, and shared or multi-function suites that change according to the community mix at the time of your request. Bookings are essential as an exclusive facility there is limited space available.


This is a non-governmental private facility that provides specialised individual care services designed around your personal recovery objectives.

We do not compromise on treatment or cut corners using free recovery programmes like anonymous groups or unqualified counsellors. We use all resources at our disposal to ensure that you are being looked after at the centre and that your therapy can be most effective.

Each patient in the centre is allocated a personal support team to uncover your personal recovery journey and ensures that you stay on track at all times.

The team concludes two individual therapy sessions per day can amount to more than 900% more effective treatment than offered by other “treatment centres in South Africa”.


This centre sets the gold standard for rehabilitation centres in South Africa and has pioneered a comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation treatment programme that is designed to holistically support each patient as an individual.

The off-grid facility houses state of the art solar and water filtration systems that reduce our environmental impacts. The Recovery Direct family is a mindful living community where clinical care seamlessly integrates with your restorative journey.

All sessions are absolutely confidential, evidence-based and are conducted by employed professional staff with no commercial bias or intent.

Our dedicated expert counsellor teams focus on providing you with the professional help and care that you need to recover from mental health or addiction-related issues.


The proximity to some of the worlds best family psychologists, psychiatrists and trauma therapists enables us to tap into a vast wealth of knowledge beyond our multidisciplinary addictions counselling support. Family therapy, couples therapy or marital therapy are services that are integral to the rehab Cape Town.

Cape Town has always been the “escape” destination for many inbound travellers both locally and abroad. Mental health recovery and lifestyle change through yoga, meditation, wellness in the day spa market in Cape Town has exploded. This is a niche that serves so many peoples lives beyond addiction.

While the day spa niche serves many, the RD rehab Cape Town facility provides a more evidence-based focus on psychotherapeutic care. We recognise that psychology may not have worked for you in the past. This is why we drop the “labels” and call it by a better name “care”. Care for substances, anxiety, depression, foodcodependency and trauma etc. Care for you as an individual, using whatever will work for you as an individual.

Origami fortune teller on vacation at the beach concept for work life balance choices

Our holistic approach to trauma recovery works by understanding your unique needs and then developing the right tools for you to move forward, irrespective of what they are. We have the adopt what works principal.

The day plan works on a simple mindful routine of healthy mealtimes, focused social interactions, the educational meetings, and range of mindfulness-based practices, hypnosis, yoga, meditation and life coaching. These are elective invitations work alongside the dedicated talk therapy programme.

Most treatment centres in the world only support the monochromatic viewpoint of the total abstinence model found in the anonymous groups.

The RD Centre in Cape Town is one of the few treatment centres in South Africa that provides client-centric support for you to regain control of the substance or behaviour cycle as opposed to irradicating it.

The term harm reduction oversimplifies a process in reducing the effects of the behaviours so that they are no longer “harmful” to the individual.

This objective has gained a substantial gravitational pull over the last few years with innumerate internet groups. Essentially it can work for many “binge” users on the principle of removing the underlying causes that are powering their more “destructive behaviours” and letting them make their own life choices with the support and guidance.


Recovery Direct can be located in the stunning Southern Suburbs of Constantia in Cape Town, South Africa. This Centre is encompassed by the iconic Constantiaberg mountain range. This Cape Town centre provides a safe, tranquil and restorative environment for your rehabilitation and care.

As the leading rehab programme in Cape Town, you can be assured that you are being helped by some of Cape Town’s most compassionate, professional, experienced rehab counsellors and staff. We are here to help make some of the most significant steps forward in the progress of your life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Rehab Cape TownYou can never “solve” your past traumatic experiences as they are a historic artefact of your life experience.

However, you can understand how these past events may be affecting current behaviours and which practical tools you could use to alleviate their emotional impacts or guide you to better life current.

Emotional trauma can come from direct physical abuse or neglect to indirect abuse or neglect. Oftentimes it is hard to tell the exact origin because you may have grown up in “traumatizing” or “high stress” circumstances that have become your version of “normal”.

This is where professional counselling helps.

The mind is designed to not forget events or circumstances that made you feel unsafe. The timeframe does not actually matter as the stress systems may embed into your subconscious behaviours throughout your life, unless worked on.

So your current life crisis may seemingly have nothing to do with your past trauma.

However, it is not entirely true because you know that your current life experiences, behaviours, responses and emotions use the very same “programming” of all your past experiences.

Trauma care is NEVER about assigning blame or retribution or finding faults with others or yourself. We understand that people very often were traumatised themselves and these behaviours are the end products of their experience of trauma.

Taking the time to actively acknowledge the series of events throughout our lives that have created the multi-dimensional layers and the drivers of avoidance, denial and self-defeating, narcissistic, or aggressive behaviours that get subconsciously stuck into cycles beyond conscious control.

Your mind psychologically wants to “protect” or “soothe” you, using these repeating cycles as it sees them as the “safest” option, given the circumstances. In order to reprogram your mind away from these cycles, we need to safely identify and settle your understanding of these past events.

Then discover new channels to functionally fit into your daily life to help you mediate your future self when confronted with new external “triggers” or stressors. Using simple effective personal development breakthroughs to work on the correct the functioning of your mind, body and spirit as a complete and interconnected system.

Our undertaking is to understand what has happened and find out which emotionally restorative avenues can be taken for everyone concerned.

Learn more about what psychological trauma is on our weekly blog that covers complex post-traumatic stress disorderscauses of PTSDchildhood trauma and attachment trauma.

Why talk therapy can be so effective

We live in a world that dictates our worth or value based on how other people “approve” or “perceive” us.

Consciously or subconsciously fear can prohibit you from meeting many kinds of expectations, or simply doing the things that make you happy; Fear is at it’s most destructive point when you stop believing in yourself.

A care model for recovery works, without judgement or stigma, it seeks to empower you through active conversation.

The care model shapes itself through you. Specialised conversations simply allow you to re-establish an authentic and supportive connection with your own internal dialogue.

We all sit on a lifetime of “stuff” to get through in a very short space of time in the treatment centre. This is why it is important to get the most value out of the time that you spend in a centre. That “value” can only be realised through making the breakthroughs that are most relevant to your life.

We designed a “care centre” or “rehab care” based on researched best practice and NOT on ineffective, rhetorical or traditional modes of treatment.

Inside Recovery Direct you will be working with two personalised, confidential, professional counselling sessions per day is what is required to provide you with a supported, solid foundation for your personal growth.

Supportive personal therapy is what is needed to help you make as many critical breakthroughs in the shortest timeframes possible. RD hosts an evidence-based program that uses a highly dynamic multidisciplinary therapist team support specialised individual counselling for each patient. This dynamic leverage the invaluable experience of the entire counselling team in support of the patient.

Understanding Talk Therapy

There is a broad range of psychotherapeutic styles that experienced therapists naturally use when in conversational talk therapy with their patients. Experienced therapists are able to shift and adapt between these styles automatically based on a number of indications reflected in the conversational dialog. Each therapist interprets this feedback loop in their own way and intuitively guides the conversation toward constructive personal realisation outputs without actually directing the individual.

The exponential benefit of having multidisciplinary counselling team members working collaboration with each patient and each other is unparalleled in any centre of this nature in the world. The investment of professional individual one-on-one counselling hours inside the same 28-day treatment cycle is up to 900% more individual counselling sessions by qualified counsellours than most other “treatment” centres in the world.



Unconditional Positive Regard

Recovery Direct’s addiction counselling centres in Cape Town offers one of the worlds best non-punitive treatment centre programmes. Respect, empathy and absolute discretion are maintained throughout the treatment process and are the hallmarks of the Recovery Direct’s treatment philosophy.

It’s about you being in a dignified, supportive, secure and embracing environment designed to remove the shame, embarrassment and stigma so that you can just get well again. You are treated like an adult and are able to rapidly adapt and apply the process of rebuilding your life free from unwanted behaviours and cycles.

The programme provides meaningful tips and personalised strategies for coping with cravings and dealing with relapse that can be applied in everyday life circumstances. Recovery Direct support and guidance you needed from the first step into treatment with free group meetings and auxiliary support after treatment.

Frequently asked questions about the rehab centre in Cape Town

What are Recovery Direct's exchange groups?

Professionally led “groups” or “exchange” is a peer-supported dialogue unique to your recovery process yet in a more social framework. The community living at the centre and past patients meet daily in free exchange groups wherein we cover a broad range of dynamic conversations led by our qualified therapist staff.

What is the dynamic treatment model?

Your evidence-based treatment plan is adjusted and refined each day for you are with us to achieve your objectives in the shortest time frames possible. That is our goal. To get to the furthest point we can for you in the time we have with you, so that when you leave you have gained a profound change.

The treatment dynamic means that sometimes we need to go off-plan and improvise to ensure that your recovery objectives are going to be met. This is where we dynamically adjust our course of treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

What are Recovery Directs psychoeducational insights?

Psychoeducational insight conversations about how your thinking patterns may occur naturally, given certain life circumstances. These Insights provide a base for you to reflect your own behaviours and responses against that of what typically happens given similar life circumstances. These insights give you a platform from which you can integrate and understand the sources of so many behaviours. This includes many missing components to many foundational childhood experiences and adaptions of behaviours in later life.

What is unconditional positive regard?

To ensure you maximise your treatment by focusing only on the things that matter most to you. As a guest, you are in an appreciative, supportive and calming environment. Unconditional positive regard is the absolute acceptance and support of you as a person regardless of what you say or do, especially in relation to your client-centred therapy at Recovery Direct.

What is the morning practice at Recovery Direct?

Recovery Direct hosts a daily morning practice called “Setting” which is introduces the routine of inviting you into a combination of yoga and breathwork exercises that are uniquely staged to strengthen your nervous system and to help you focus on establishing new healthy routines in your life outside of the Cape Town centre.

Can Recovery Direct treat depression?

Depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma are all mental health conditions that can be helped through medications and talk therapy services. Qualified counsellors are trained in dealing with these topics and are the recommended avenue toward long-term recovery. Recovery Direct rehab Cape Town simply provides a highly confidential platform for treatment to be most caring and effective.

Who is my dedicated team at the Cape Town centre?

You will have two specialist counsellors from our multidisciplinary team dedicated to supporting you each step of the way. Whilst at the centre you will have a one on one session with each of your counsellors each day. Collectively you will work with your support team to ensure that the best outcomes for you are top of mind.

What does goal orientated treatment involve?

Each aspect of the Recovery Direct program is evidence-based and designed with restorative goals in mind in order for your progress to be measured and to optimise the treatment delivery in the most efficient time frames.

What is a fully integrative approach?

Your mind does not exist in isolation of the many ecosystems that support your greater wellbeing. Psychoeducation, healthy food, restorative sleep, body, spine and muscle self-care, relaxation and spiritual growth connection are fundamental tools that are inherently part of treatment routine changes at the RD residential Rehabilitation Centre Cape Town. Many of these tools you are able to adapt and adopt in your life outside of the centre and can contribute greatly to establishing your greater wellbeing.

Why is gut health so important to the wellbeing?

Highly specific meal plans are designed to support and restore your body’s natural balances with organs functioning as they are naturally intended to. Whenever your body isn’t producing enough of the right nutrients or they are out of balance, you will naturally start to feel irritable and anxious as your serotonin and other natural brain chemical levels fluctuate. Inside the first year or two of recovery, your nutritional requirements are much higher than normal and thus establishing healthy eating routines is vital to your recovery.

What are evidence based rehab centres?

The evidence-based approach to addiction treatment is distinctly different from the way most addiction has been treated in South Africa to date. The therapies used in the evidence led treatment centres are based on proven studies on successful addiction treatment worldwide.

Recovery Direct has adopted an evidence-based treatment programme that deals with a range of substance and behaviour based issues but extends to many conditions such as depressionanxietychronic stressgamblingsex and eating disorders personal and relationship-based trauma.

Modern, ethical, dynamic, evidence-based care program. Smart tools designed to be used inside and outside of the centre.

Is this a rehab centre or a wellness centre

Recovery Direct is a centre that helps you to find tools that will restore your wellbeing (whatever that may be). While many wellness centres in Cape Town offer a range of “therapeutic” services. Only Recovery Direct offers an “evidence-based” wellness programme that uses proven therapeutic avenues toward restoring your personal wellbeing.

People at our “rehab Cape Town” may have conditions such as addiction, depression, anxiety, however, others may just as readily be at the centre to learn how to regain control of their emotional states and wellbeing in their relationships (or have nothing to do with addiction treatment or rehabilitation).

Why is daily one-on-one therapy so important?

Daily individual one-on-one sessions with your counsellors can guide you to any “stuck” thought processes (using a range of dynamic psychotherapeutic techniques). Non-judgemental, supportive, validating care through confidential talk therapy is one of the most direct, effective and sustainable methods to restoring mental wellbeing in a large majority of cases.

What is my treatment plan?

A one on one therapeutic plan is an evolving process of talk therapy that is created with dedicated counsellors from our multidisciplinary team and yourself. We need to work with you to understand what is needed to really help. Your treatment plan is a collaboration between you and our two dedicated therapist counsellors.

What is the assessment of needs principal?

Based on what you tell us we plan our team to best align with your recovery needs. When you call us for help, we start profiling which of our counsellors is best suited to assess your needs. This assessment is continually underway to ensure that at all times the best suited, advice and care is being given to you given your personal circumstance.

What is mindfulness based recovery?

Mindfulness is a shift in the way that you pay attention but with that subtle shift, your entire world can transform from the inside out. We have adopted many techniques in the regulation of emotion and connection. Mindfulness is an act of creation in finding yourself in moments where you may experience a deep sense of connection. Yoga, meditation and guided conversation all contribute to the acknowledgement of a deeper sense of yourself, which is a vital component to healing a lifetime of trauma-based behaviours.

What is a multidisciplinary counselling team?

Professional, qualified, experienced counsellors working individually and collectively in dynamic teams that support you as an individual is the hallmark of Multidisciplinary Counselling. This format of counselling in a treatment centre environment can in many cases be considered as far more beneficial than many privately contracted counselling services. There are many reasons for this optimisation of service delivery, the two most important being.

  1. The assessment process in a treatment centre includes the matching of specific counsellors to you as a person, couple or family.
  2. The treatment dynamics and using the pooled skillsets of a team to guide the more effective treatment paths for individuals.

Where is the centre?

Recovery Direct Rehab Cape Town is based in Constantia in Cape Town, South Africa. A complete map to the treatment centre can be found on our contact us page here.

What Our Clients Say

Cape Town’s best trauma and substance rehab centre.

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