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Cape Town’s Top Rehab Centre For Substance & Behavioural Disorder Treatment.
The underlying drivers of addiction and self destructive behaviours often come from pain and trauma experienced either physically or psychologically, sometimes as far back as early childhood.

Your Recovery Journey Starts Here

We are here to help you get your life back on track. Counsellors are trained across a broad range of mental health topics and the many interrelated behavioural, family and personal issues that surround addictions and self destructive behaviours.

Substance Abuse

Addiction treatment using the most advanced appreciative care model in South Africa. The centre boasts a full rehabilitation for addicts & alcoholics. Multidisciplinary addiction counsellors, customised daily, one on one treatment.

Rehab Programmes

Adaptable private care rehabilitation programmes based in Cape Town that adjust to each patients unique life circumstance with complete, integrated support a wide range of bespoke premium recovery services for addictions and behavioural difficulties.

Trauma and PTSD

Resolving residual traumatic experiences through specialist, personalised and confidential care therapy.

Helping patients mindfully manage past experiences in the context of their daily lives.

Anxiety Treatment

Resolving core drivers of anxiety disorders through one of South Africa’s most advanced treatment and care programmes to help with anxiety disorders. Cape Town treatment centre with integrated psychiatric care programmes.

Understanding Trauma Therapy & Addiction

Dealing with trauma drivers enables individuals to re-format their outlook, where they no longer need the substances they are addicted to, or pursue behaviours that negatively impact their lives. Regardless of how “far” you are in any addiction there is always hope. With the right care, support and shifts in attitude, any obstacles can be overcome.

Unleash Your Potential

We are here to help you get your life back on track. Counsellors are trained across a broad range of addiction topics and the many interrelated family and professional issues that surround addiction and rebuilding a sustainable lifestyle.

Changing The Perception Of Addiction Rehabilitation

Our counsellors with first hand experience in dealing alcohol and drug abuse cases and have the resources and support a full spectrum of patient zero treatment options.Recovery Direct is one of the most exclusive psychological and addiction treatment centres in the world and has pioneered one of the most comprehensive & holistic treatment programmes designed specifically around each patient. Our dedicated expert councillor teams focus on giving you the professional help and care that you need.

We provide individualised and bespoke treatment for a range of addictions and psychological disorders including: alcoholismdrug addictionsanxiety & mood disorders, depressiongambling, food addiction, eating disorderssex & love addictioncodependency, narcissistic abuse, trauma & ptsd, panic, pain management, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, grief, personality disorders, relationship issues, stress and burnout.

Our proximity to some of the worlds best addiction treatment psychologists, psychiatrists and trauma therapists enables Recovery Direct rehab to tap into a vast wealth of knowledge beyond our in-patient and outpatient counselling support.

Cape Town is an ideal destination for that “holiday from addiction” seeing many inbound travellers to the Western Cape seeking treatment in a refuge that can adequately support their individual needs.

Over the last 9 years I have embarked on an incredible personal journey of long-term addiction recovery. After volumes of research into treating addiction, speaking to experts around the world and practically standing on the front line of hundreds of addiction treatment cases over the last 6 years. Our experience has culminated into the formulation of our flagship rehab centre in Cape Town. Recovery Direct Programme designed to be the most sustainable addiction treatment program in South Africa if not the world.

Through the painful resolution of my own addictions and the shared insights and personal journeys of so many families and individuals struggling with substance use disorders or compulsive and destructive behaviours.

We have formulated a distinctly unique approach for viable addiction treatment in our centres.

Based off insights into mass research psychology and Recovery Direct is the ultimate in appreciative care solutions. We are a non 12 step rehab centre that is focused on resolving patients actual problems through trauma / pain resolution, and dismantling the destructive forces that are driving their addictions.


Vaughan J Pankurst

Group Therapy

Specialist group therapy led by professional counsellors enables patients to identify with the shared experiences of other individuals in similar scenarios as their own and learn from the responses provided in the safety of group discussions.

The luxury setting in Cape Town places patients at ease enabling them to fast track their acceptance of the therapeutic directives within the addictions treatment program. Recovery Direct rehab program is designed to help individuals break the addiction and stay in recovery after residential treatment. Working with substance abuse, process addictions and eating disorders.

The harrowing threat of a residential rehabilitation and “first time” admission places unnecessary stress on many new patients. Traditional inpatient rehab admissions are encumbered in their most crucial “first step” phase, making the process confusing, unsettling and a trying process where patients are resistant to the change. We understand this and would like to help you with marijuana, alcoholism and related substance addiction disorders.

Helping you find alcohol, drug and process addiction support solutions that will ultimately work for you as an individual is paramount. Why waste time, money and effort on a drug or alcohol rehab program that is not exactly tailored to fixing your problem.

See the Recovery Direct Cape Town rehab patient treatment protocol here.

Personalised Therapy Works.

  • Individual Focused
  • Long Term Treatment
  • Extended Outpatient Programmes
  • Non 12 Step Treatment Model
  • Upmarket Facilities

The best long-term rehab programmes are professionally operated services centred around a unique format of treatment. Patients are able to resume their day to day lives in the shortest time-frames possible whilst leading a new life in recovery.

We provide patients with daily personalised addiction counselling sessions. Luxury rehab facilities based in Cape Town, South Africa. Patients are supported in the most comprehensive after care and outpatient programmes of their kind.
It’s just that simple. Long-term treatment is the single most influencing factor for sustainable addiction recovery.

Realistically one can’t live in a rehab forever. Recovery Direct operates a secondary outpatient programme to provide support after residential treatment. One of the best documented facts of addiction rehabilitation is that patients need ongoing access to solid support structures to maintain their ongoing recovery.

With the right care

Extended rehab programs enable patients to return to their normal lifestyles after treatment, and remain connected to the workings of the treatment programme without the costs associated to residential rehab.

What Our Patients Say

Why we are rated one of the finest addiction recovery centres in Cape Town.