South Africa’s Best Rehab Centre

Recovery Direct provides comprehensive therapeutic care for individuals suffering from substance use disorder and associated mental health conditions that commonly include eating disorders, depression, trauma and anxiety related issues.

Private Residential Addictions Treatment Centre in Cape Town

This is a place where patients are safe and supported in a therapeutic setting specifically designed to help people find their recovery.

Five Star Treatment

The Recovery Direct five star treatment models cover a broad spectrum of behaviour and substance use disorders. No shortcuts are taken when establishing the best path to recovery for each person in our centres.

Expert consulting and residential psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and nurses operate within a collaborative environment to ensure the best possible outcomes for each person admitted to the centre.

Exclusive Suites

As one of the most sought after centres in South Africa, Recovery Direct’s private in-patient centre operates from a exclusive facility nested away in the quiet suburbs of Constantia in Cape Town.

Each suite is uniquely designed and tailored to be comfortable and homely while maintaining an exclusive regal Cape Dutch exterior with modern colonial finishings.

Multi function and luxury executive accommodations are available on request.


Outside South Africa : +27 (0)79 235 7415
Inside South Africa : 079 235 7415


8 Klein Constantia Road
Klein Constantia
Cape Town
South Africa

Spectacular Cape Views Embrace this Internationally Iconic Destination.

Patients that are ready to make the life change simply need the guidance to do so. Investing time in the right directions and structures will aid the long term success from detox to sobriety and long term psychological recovery and resilience. Recovery Direct’s centre has been built to international 5 star standards to ensure that clients stay is welcoming, comfortable and homely.

We understand what you are going through and are here to help you find new hope through quality treatment.

Daily Therapy Groups

Led by professional counsellors and specialists. Groups chaired often by consulting experts and are based on topics most relevant to patients.

Individual Treatment Plan

Treatment plan designed for each individual around a progressive continuum of care from past, present and future personal growth.

Daily One On One

Daily one on one therapy with patients up to 7x more therapy time than the private care industry norm. The most effective treatment programme of it’s kind.

Prepared Meals

A magnificent In house executive chef prepares three healthy & delicious meals a day for each patient. Our kitchens can cater to your special dietary requirements.

Keep Connected

Mobile phones, laptops, and other technology devices are permitted. Recovery Direct has a dedicated fibre connectivity and allows patients to keep “connected” to the outside world.

21 to 28 Day Residential

The programme caters for each patients on a case by case and day by day basis. Patients may choose to stay as long as they like or as short as they like. Usually complete programme cycles are maintained from 21 to 28 days on a pay as you go basis.

Medical Detox

Depending on your needs, medication is prescribed by a Doctor and administered by nurses to manage withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to concentrate on recovery and addressing the root causes of your issues.

Outpatient Programme

The highly successful private outpatient programme is designed around the same principals as the in-patient care programme however caters to individuals that have been through treatment or that simply need continued guidance.

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The purposeful high-end retreat from the pressures of day to day life affords patients the immediate, non-confrontational “downtime” needed to reflect and start their personal journey of healing. Here patients start making all the positive progressive decisions that will affect their future in recovery.

Professional mentorship, counselling and guidance enables our clients to see through the past self-destructive cycles and trauma issues that underlie their addictive behaviour symptoms.

  • Private Suite Units
    • 2x Pool Facing & 1x Atrium
  • Shared Suites
    • 6 x Orchid suites
  • All Accommodation Facilities :
    • Fireplace & Balcony
    • Underfloor Heating
    • Victorian Colonial En suite Bathroom
    • Solar Powered
  • Open Plan Kitchen : Pantry, Scullery, Centre Island
  • Recreation Rooms : Pool room,Games room and Cinema
  • Main Pool
  • Meditation Areas
  • Large Secluded Gardens
  • Meeting Lounge : Fireplace
  • Dining Room : Underfloor Heating, Veranda
  • Recreation : Fireplace, Open Plan, Underfloor Heating, Veranda

This exclusive location is rich in South African history and serves as an ideal private refuge for mindful meditation and personal growth and recovery.
Set in a quiet road, surrounded by the historical trees and landscape of Cape Town’s iconic Constantia. Recovery Direct Luxury treatment centres in Cape Town South Africa is remarkable location with breathtaking views over the Constantiaberg mountain range.
Single level structure with comfortable and warm multi-functional suites, each set in Victorian colonial styled en-suite bathroom, unique views and balcony. Water supplied by a natural spring, electricity produced by ultra energy efficient solar panels.

More About Recovery Direct’s Private Care Treatment Centre in Cape Town (South Africa)

When you arrive at Recovery Direct, you are guaranteed to feel valued, safe and understood. Recovery Direct is a treatment centre based in Constantia, Cape Town that doesn’t look or feel in any way like a facility or clinic. Anything that you have been through, we have been through as well. Our treatment programme was created by people who were treated by ”one size fits all solutions” and found them to be lacking.

The result is a groundbreaking treatment protocol that is created from scratch and helps many people across a spectrum of mental health-related symptoms like stress, a. That means that the programme is specifically designed around YOU and YOUR needs. This is what makes us so different and what separates this centre.

Recovery Direct rehab Cape Town hosts some of South Africa’s top professional counsellors who treat their patients from a place of compassion, understanding and in absolute confidentiality. The simple answer to “what we treat”, is everything. This means any form of behavioural disorder, that may include substances, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, gambling, intimacy, relationships, cheating, or pretty much anything else that is making you or your loved ones unhappy, disconnected, trapped or stuck.

So, how does Recovery Direct do all of this?

We assess you upfront and determine what the root cause of the problem is – often, it is due to some form of trauma that is affecting your ability to cope and be happy with the life that you are living now. Our team then figures out how we are going to treat you holistically, using professional one-on-one sessions and a combination of other formats of therapy. It is important that we treat you in a real-time environment; with us, you will keep your cellphone and your laptop while we work with you. If something comes up? We deal with it. We don’t keep you in a cocoon and then unleash the world on you after your treatment programme ends. That is one of the highest causes of relapse in our industry.

If in doubt, give us a call; we will gladly expand on all of the above over the phone or via email. Our sole purpose is to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Contrary to popular belief there are alternatives to the Minnesota 12 step treatment models for effectively treating drug / alcohol addictions. The Recovery Direct team approach has always been client centric in directly addressing the the factors that cause relapse first. The rehab in Cape Town is specifically designed to extract the client from the day to day life stressors and rapidly start addressing the actual drivers of their addictions.

Once the client is back in control they will be in an infinitely better position to direct the future course of their recovery once they leave the Recovery Direct centres. Some may choose the anonymous 12 step programme as a means to solidify and ground their sobriety and finding refuge / camaraderie and value in group acceptance that 12 step programmes freely provide, others may not.

The function of primary residential care is to break the cycle and enable clients to be in a position of power to choose the format of their future recovery.

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