Frequently Asked Questions 

Addiction is driven by inner conflicts which need to be resolved in order for recovery to take place. If one is able to effectively deal with these inner conflicts, the ability to move forward sober and clean, is possible. Not resolving inner turmoil which has been repressed results in constant relapses. Luxury Rehab is here to help. Enabling oneself to keep up with day-to-day struggles and grow personally, spiritually, psychologically and physically through sobriety is the pillar of any rehabilitation program be it for drug, alcohol or process addictions. South Africa is host to some of the world’s most exclusive addiction treatment facilities and Johannesburg is one of the most ideal locations for recovery.

What Does the Rehab Cost to Attend

There is no fixed price point on our treatment options. The cost of the recovery varies from patient to patient depending on what each patient requires by way of treatment, length of stay and professional services.

In the pre-admission meeting and assessment process, we would ascertain the kinds of services required to support each patient into sobriety and recovery. These services themselves carry costs, some of which catered for within the centre and others not.

Why is Recovery Direct The Best Rehab Services

Recovery Direct is born from a different philosophy in dealing with addiction. This philosophy is centred on trauma and maintains that addiction stems from deep-seated trauma experienced as far back as early childhood. The approach is not punitive in nature but works on the premise that once the trauma has been resolved, the symptoms are easier to manage.

What Kind of Substance Disorders Does Recovery Direct Treat

The Recovery Direct team are a multi disciplinary team focused on all addiction disorders. From the substance perspective we find the majority of patients addicted to alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, sleeping/anxiety medication and heroin.

Eating disorders, obesity and other process related addictions like compulsive gambling addiction and sex addiction are frequently associated with codependency behaviours related to substance abuse and treated through counselling and mindfulness.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is one of the most well-researched and validated psychotherapeutic techniques in the world. CBT provides:

  • Collaborative and non judgemental therapeutic setting
  • Quantifiable and concise treatment goals
  • Practical strategies for breaking harmful thought patterns
  • Change in thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Unrivaled and proven results
  • Long-term behaviour changes

You can read more about CBT here.

Who Are The Staff at The Treatment Centre

Recovery Direct employs a specialist addiction counsellors, recovery assistants, and a range of multi-disciplinary staff that engage with each patients recovery. The underlying therapeutic process is based on a trauma resolution in addiction and behavioural change therapy.

Is Recovery Direct a Detox Facility

No Recovery Direct does not “detox” clients from life threatening serious addictions in our recovery centre. In serious addiction withdrawal cases we refer patients to medical detox facilities to be treated by doctors in a medically supervised environment. As soon as withdrawal risks are mitigated we will accept patients into our centre for the process of recovery, which then involves the psychotherapeutic behavioural changes required to maintain sobriety and restore balance into our patients lives.

Does Recovery Direct Deal with Process Disorder Addictions

Compulsive behaviour, or process disorders such as compulsive gambling, sex addiction, eating disorders, self harm and spending addictions are addictions where individuals are addicted to some detrimental behaviour. The most common self defeating behaviours being the aforementioned.

What may start off as an impulse or something you do to feel more in control soon becomes behaviour which is in fact controlling you.

Recovery Direct caters for a wide range of behaviour modification therapies.

Is Recovery Direct a Religion Based Rehab?

At Recovery Direct we are accepting and respectful of all religions whatever they may be, however our approach to spiritual development stems more from the progress of skills such as mindfulness, behavioural shifts and meditation in the greater context of long term personal spiritual growth.

We remain mindful and supportive of the various religious beliefs of patients, but DO NOT view ANY specific religion as a component of our patient treatment model.

What Kind of Treatment do Patients Receive?

Recovery Direct operates with a somewhat different approach to addiction treatment.

We are a non-punitive program.

Recovery Direct functions as any “normal home” type environment with similar daily routines of “normality” that patients have living in their own home.

The distinction being that: Recovery Direct is in an upmarket, relaxed and secure setting, where patients can feel comfortable without the burden of addictive substances or triggers that would usually perpetuate their cycles of abuse.

In this non-confrontational format patients receive daily therapeutic sessions with qualified counsellors whose core function is to help build the patients personal self esteem and resilience against their addictions.

This is an intensive program, which means that every day of treatment is spent dealing with the task of resolving each individual patient’s addiction problem. This approach is far more effective than patients only receiving individual counselling sessions once or twice a week.

Treatment is not limited to what we outline on the continuum of care page. If in consultation with the patient the Recovery Direct team feels that any skills or services are beyond the scope of what exists in the centre, then external professionals are sourced from within the community in Johannesburg to complete or compliment the patients treatment process (dieticians, physicians, psychologists, family therapists, art therapy, hypnosis).

The multi disciplinary depth of this model ensures that we cater for all patients needs, whatever they may be.

How Do I Get Someone To Go Into Rehab?

Ideally, the person should recognise the need for treatment and want to go. If the person is not willing to receive treatment, then it will not be effective. Should you decide to go ahead, you can get a court order for the person to attend rehab. A social worker usually assists with this process. If the person is a minor (under 18) the parent/guardian can admit them without a court order. Bear in mind that most treatment centres are not lock-up facilities and the person can leave if they choose/force themselves out. Have a chat to our help centre (Substance use disorder rehab Johannesburg)

Can I use my phone/internet at Recovery Direct?

Most facilities limit access to all devices and depending on your situation, 1 hour per day – 1 hour per week. Recovery Direct is the only facility that allows devices in order for the patient to receive treatment in real-time.

How long to I need to stay there?

Treatment programs run either 21 or 28 days. After the initial treatment, you may want/need to continue as an outpatient.

Do I get food?

All accommodation, food and treatment is included in the quoted rates. Personal medication and bespoke treatments are excluded.

Can I get treated as an outpatient instead of booking in?

Depending on your assessment and needs, an outpatient programme is an option. Bear in mind that focussing on recovery for a short intense period will achieve better results than an outpatient programme in its own. If you require detox, then an outpatient programme will not be suitable. An outpatient programme is a positive next step after the initial treatment period.

Do I need to be assessed before I can go to rehab?

Ideally, an assessment will identify your specific needs and possible treatment period and plan. However, you can be admitted without an assessment which will be done the day after admission.

Do I get medicine to help me detox?

Depending on your needs, medication is prescribed by a Doctor and administered by nurses to manage withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to concentrate on recovery and addressing the root causes of your issues.

How is Recovery Direct Different?

Level of Therapy intensity: Intensive daily therapy (2 individual sessions daily). This is easily 10 times more intensive than other treatment centres where this amount of therapy is allocated per week only. Identifying the root cause of behaviour: Recovery Direct specializes in identifying and treating the root cause of what is driving behaviour, not in treating the symptom (substance/behaviour). At Recovery Direct, the therapeutic programme is designed to identify and successfully treat and manage both the root cause of the symptoms and the symptoms themselves. The therapy encourages the healing of damaged neural pathways and the re-integration of health through psychotherapy.

Is Recovery Direct a 12 Step Rehab?

We do not identify ourselves as a 12 Step treatment centre. Recovery Direct operates a programme that includes some of the 12 Step principles of community and sustained recovery but focuses on the professional assessment and treatment of the underlying psychological drivers that fuel the addiction in the first place.

We do not believe in abstinence of substances and process disorders as being the answer to the problem of addiction, but rather, we believe that building a life that does not require addictive behaviour, is by far the most effective and sustainable method of treatment.

What is the Admission Process?

A call will be received on the helpline number 081 444 7000 (Recovery Direct) by a trained professional. After an in-depth conversation, a preliminary assessment and introduction will be arranged. This will take approximately 1 hour and preferably be conducted in person or via Skype. Where this is not possible, a telephone assessment may be done. Admission may be arranged either directly following the assessment or when suits. On admission, the person will be assessed by the psychologist, nurse and doctor.

An individual treatment plan is formulated and treatment begins immediately.

What is the goal of treatment?

As each prospective client and their circumstances are unique, an individualised treatment plan is designed around each person and their particular needs. The goal is to get the client to where they want to be: either harm reduction or total abstinence from destructive behaviour and/or substances. Once a client understands why they choose certain behaviours and are no longer a prisoner of their own mind, they are truly free to choose how to respond to life, what they want to do and what life they want to create.

Is Recovery Direct a Lockdown Rehab?

Lockdown rehabs remove any and all access to substances that can trigger relapse responses in patients. Their aim is to prevent any opportunity for the patient to get or be reminded of their substance of choice by effectively locking them away from it. No. Recovery direct is about recovery, the life path of sustained addiction recovery. We do not permit any substance or substance abuse triggering activity on the property whatsoever, but that said we are more focused on dealing with patients as human beings.

Visit the home page to see the full scope of service at Recovery Direct, South Africa’s Top Addiction Treatment Centre for a broad range of mental health and wellness topics in South Africa. Recovery Direct hosts the “In Recovery News” blog and a broad range of group and recovery lecture services in Johannesburg, South Africa. The online rehab programme is a digest of all the psychoeducational material used in the treatment centre programme and is available 24/7.

Inpatients receive seven times more professional interactions with counsellors than in other rehabs. We maintain that this process accelerates long-term recovery.

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