We set out to offer a new kind of addiction treatment programme focused on trauma resolution and dealing with the core drivers of addictive behaviours.

Working with leading specialists both locally and internationally we took the “best practice” principles of addiction recovery and applied them to a continuum of care that is tailored to the unique life circumstances of each patient.

Welcome To Recovery Direct

While we have established ourselves as an addiction treatment program the undercurrent of our transformation is to be the most advanced personal growth program you will ever find.

Self destructive behaviours like addiction are a symptom to a problem, what we do is provide breathing room and platform for individuals to find their feet, establish their goals, heal their hurts and launch forward in self-actualised confidence.

Residential Treatment

Exclusive private in-patient addiction recovery programmes of from between 3 and 6 weeks. These are residential rehab programmes that facilitate personal growth for each patient as well as providing the opportunity to gain support from the community in recovery. The centre is designed around a “holiday from addiction” ethos which effectively reduces the barriers that prevents most addicts / alcoholics from seeking effective treatment.
Residential Treatment

Out-Patient Treatment

Outpatients live at home outside of their treatment hours. This permits them to continue with their day-to-day work / life responsibilities.

Recovering outpatients will however still attend individual or group therapy sessions during the week, and may still meet with psychiatrists or counsellors to deal with their addiction related issues.
The Programme Outline

After Care Services

For patients that have completed a 6 week residential treatment with Recovery Direct there is an extended 12 month aftercare program offered in the same format as the outpatient programme. The recovery and aftercare services coexist and complement the continuum of care model unique to Recovery Direct and the extended programmes afford a far greater understanding of the recovery process.
The Continuum of Care

Our approach focuses on individuals.

Religious doctrine is seldom able to fix problems such as post traumatic stress, relationships, bi-polar disorders, chronic pain, behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, abuse or any number of the underlying issues that fuel addictive habits in patients.

Multi-Modal Treatment For You
Absolute Discretion and Patient Confidentiality
Working With Specialists

Addiction Clinics Services
Substance Abuse
Not limited to alcoholism, sleeping / anti-anxiety pills, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, heroin and methamphetamine drug addiction problems.Process Addictions
Not limited to gambling, eating, spending, sex, porn disorders.

Multidisciplinary addiction treatment counselors operating from the best rehabs in South Africa.

Treatment Programmes

Specialists in new patient assessments, private & workplace interventions and multi-substance addiction cases.

Take the first step to a new life and be inspired to make meaningful and positive changes.

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Recovery direct has many decades collective experience in successfully handling addiction disorders.

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