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Secure, discreet, residential and bespoke outpatient programmes. Specialist addiction counselor supported treatment for poly drug addictions.

Addicted to multiple substances simultaneously? Recovery Direct can help. Poly addiction does not need to be a life sentence. We understand what you are going through and are here to help you find new hope.

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A rehab facility that promotes a one-size-fits-all plan is NOT the right choice.

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Multi-substance Addiction?
Is the addiction to multiple substances negatively impacting your life? Can’t seem to stop or regulate your intake? Recovery direct is here to help. Recovery from multiple drug or process disorders is possible with the right rehab program in place.
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Family Member Addicted?
We understand how difficult it is to see a friend or family member caught on the destructive path of polysubstance dependence. Many addiction cases seen by our counsellors present multiple combinations of substance or process addictions that require family support to resolve.
Treatment Protocols
As each person’s needs are differ, so treatment should be personalised to the unique situation. It is vital that you find a rehab or outpatient programme that “just feels right”. Treating substance abuse with a co-occurring disorder is a complex undertaking and requires an adaptable multi disciplinary team to resolve the issues effectively.

Recovery is possible, with the assistance of highly focused therapy. Inpatient treatment can provide monitoring and assistance during detox and the guidance thereafter to effect a complete recovery from addiction.

Drug Programme Overview
Recovery Direct focuses on establishing the right foundations to build a long term recovery based life-style.
We have constructed a wide ranging bouquet of holistic treatment principals for overcoming drug addiction while dealing with patients specific recovery needs as individuals.
Treatment Methodology
With highly experienced, medical-professionals, counsellors and psychologists we deal with the underlying disorders that perpetuate ongoing relapses or specific drug addictions. Physical pain and trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues can all play a role in addiction and the relapse cycle.
Recovery Direct Drug Rehab
Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and can be a fatal if left untreated.
Finding the right drug rehab service can make all the difference in the world. Our drug treatment facilities are not what you would expect. We operate an inspirational program in an inspirational, serene and upmarket environment.

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