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Alcohol Addiction Recovery is Possible

Is it time to get your life back on track and break the cycle of alcohol use? Many people may begin to lose the conscious control of their alcohol consumption over time. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that is deeply embedded in our “drinking culture” in South Africa. While in most cases alcohol can be a fun or social pastime, in more than 10% of the drinking population, alcohol use develops into a problematic means to “escape” many life issues.

People with alcohol control issues rarely seek treatment until the problem reaches chronic or life-threatening stages. To watch a family member in the chaos, drink themselves to death is deeply disturbing and yet wholly avoidable process. Early treatment for alcohol use issues is preferred, no matter where you are in the cycle, you can be helped and don’t need to hit “rock bottom” or be labelled an “alcoholic”. Simply have a private chat with our qualified counsellors today and let us help you find a solution.

Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

Is alcohol impacting your day to day life? Trying hard to stop or limit your drinking?

Recovery from short or long term alcohol use disorders requires a systemic review of what is actually driving the problem. Once this view is established we can start working on a personalised recovery plan with the right tools and guidance required. Alcohol use disorders require care, attention, understanding and support.

Past methodologies such as “tough love” and “ideology” are uniformly broken and do not cater to dealing with the root cause that is driving the individuals’ behaviour.

Alcohol Addiction in Families

Helping a family member into alcohol recovery is an emotional and difficult undertaking; one that few families are prepared to handle on their own.

The nature of this substance is that the family frequently plays a direct or indirect role somewhere in the individuals addiction cycle.

Professional, objective counselling support is designed to disentangle the chaos and find workable solutions and common ground for everyone concerned.

It’s not about finding blame, it’s about moving forward.

Harm Reduction for Alcohol

A growing theme in alcohol recovery includes “recovery” by reducing the harm caused by excessive alcohol use. Alcohol harm reduction therapy is aimed at helping people who simply want to “slow down their drinking” to “better manage alcohol” or to “stop drinking excessively”.

For many people total abstinence from alcohol is not a desired outcome. Coaching toward “drinking normally” is seen as a better / more viable alternative and are prepared to get such guidance. Recovery Direct is one of the few rehab centres in South Africa that facilitates alcohol harm reduction using specilised therapy.

Your Mental Wellness

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Programme Overview

We use evidence based techniques that focus on establishing the right foundations to build a long term recovery.

Through extensive research, we have constructed a range of holistic treatment directives for treating and overcoming individual alcohol use disorders.

Treatment Methodology

Rehabilitation requires a treatment that is tailored to each individual.

There is no one solution – however, there are frequent themes which manifest around dealing with unresolved trauma, dysfunctional coping or belief systems, chemical imbalances.

The Care Facility

Finding the right alcohol treatment rehab can make all the difference in the world. Recovery Direct’s centre is located in a serene and upmarket environment designed to allow patients the ability to beat alcohol issues with the support, care and guidance.

If you’re struggling with an alcohol addiction, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that the addiction may be killing you so that you can take the necessary steps to get help and get your life back on track. The following is a list of some of the most common warning signs that your alcoholism is having a negative impact on your health:

Physical Signs

Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol can lead to a variety of adverse health effects, some of which include damage to the liver, pancreatitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and various cancers. It is imperative that you make an appointment with a medical professional as soon as you can if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Mental Health Concerns

Addiction to alcohol can also have a significant negative effect on a person’s mental health. It is possible for it to bring on feelings of depression and anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. It is imperative that you seek the assistance of a mental health professional if you are having difficulty with any of these issues.

Issues With Relationships

Addiction to alcohol can put a strain on one’s relationships with their loved ones, friends, and even romantic partners. It is possible that your addiction is having a negative impact on your life if you find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships or if you find yourself in frequent arguments. These are both signs that addiction can have a negative impact on your life.

Financial Troubles

Addiction to alcohol can also have devastating effects on one’s financial situation. If you are having trouble paying your bills or are accumulating debt, it is possible that your addiction is having a negative impact on your ability to maintain a stable financial situation.

Legal Issues

Drinking to excess can result in legal problems, such as charges of driving under the influence or public intoxication. If your drinking has gotten you into legal trouble, you should get professional assistance and work on changing your behaviour as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

Each person going into recovery treatment needs a program designed around them as an individual. In most cases these individualised programmes are formulated by specialised talk therapy to resolve past trauma that perpetuates present behavious.

“The Mother City” is well known for her many “attractions” yet the city is also quietly one of the epicentres for trauma recovery world wide.

Many founding studies into the effects and resolution of trauma have stemmed from leading universities and institutions in Johannesburg have since post WW2. As a result some of the most respected authorities on trauma also call Johannesburg “home”. Their influence echos through the the present academic institutions and into many of the application frameworks for social work in South Africa.

While Johannesburg’s institutions have led the charge on trauma and contributed substantially toward what we now know as modern trauma treatment. Johannesburg has her own dark long history of chronic alcohol use disorders from within the community. Inadvertently this problem has also incubated some of the leading edge practices for dealing with alcohol addiction and alcohol recovery programmes world wide.

While the limelight of alcohol recovery is most often up-staged by the prominence of the Minnesota 12 step spiritual programme. Leading rehabs in world wide today adopt trauma based care models as the most effetive means of individualised treatment.

Exclusive Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centre in Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg is home to some of the world’s most accomplished registered counsellors, medical doctors and psychologists. The combination of natural beauty, scenic landscapes and world-class treatment facilities make Johannesburg one of the best cities to receive alcohol and drug addiction treatment services.

Johannesburg’s Best Executive Alcohol Rehab

Have you been struggling with your alcohol use lately? Are you finding it hard to regulate how much you drink? You are not alone. Our specialised alcohol rehab in Johannesburg, South Africa has helped many people bring their drinking back under control and we are here to help you too.

While one could hardly call going into rehab a “holiday experience” many international visitors struggling with alcohol use problems come to Johannesburg under the guise to friends and family that they are “going on holiday to Johannesburg”.

“Alcoholics” or people with alcohol use disorders fly in from around the world come visit Johannesburg seeking some of the best “five-star luxury” alcohol rehabs and exclusive high quality alcohol addiction treatment centres.

Recovery Tourism” for alcoholism to Johannesburg is a fast-growing market. Individuals essentially “take a holiday to Johannesburg” and return to their lives having “beaten” their addiction issues.

This holiday to Johannesburg gives alcoholics the time they need to “recuperate” and make sober living decisions in a therapeutic centre with the stunning Cape landscape as a backdrop.

The weak Rand and cost of a flight to Johannesburg for inpatient alcohol rehab treatment is minor in the comparison to receiving alcohol addiction treatment in Europe or the UK.

Timeout to Re-focus, Re-centre, Rejuvenate

Find clarity and re-gain emotional stability from anxiety & stress

Recovery Direct Executive Care is an evidence-based wellness program designed around you

Executive Environment

The pressure to lead, inspire, make decisions, be a role model, a parent, a mindful partner or supportive friend can come at the cost of your mental health and wellbeing. You are forever showing up for other people, meetings, calls and commitments, yet how often are you showing up for yourself?

Recovery Direct is an exclusive evidence-based care centre that is dedicated to confidentially restoring your mental vitality and physical balance and wellbeing. We give you the time, space and guidance to reflect, plan and decide your next move.

Specialised therapeutic support gives you unbiased, professional insights into emotional struggles, relationships and behaviours. Everything managed in a safe, supportive and holistic executive wellness retreat.

Time to prioritise yourself

Harness the mental agility to manage your life again. Fine tune your mental-health and wellbeing inside of South Africa’s leading care centre.