Alcoholic Recovery is Possible

Time to get your life back on track, break the perpetual cycle of Alcohol addiction. Recovery Direct staff are standing by to assist you or your loved one to begin the process now. Our counsellors will enable you beat alcoholism once and forall.

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that individuals commonly use to confront issues in their lives. The widespread prevalence and social acceptance of alcohol leads to hard to break substance addictions. Recovery Direct offers specialist addiction counseling supported treatment for alcoholics. Secure, discreet, residential and outpatient programmes designed around individuals.

Alcoholism can be beaten. Find new hope in highly effective & focused alcoholic rehabilitation programmes by Recovery Direct – South Africa.

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Alcoholism is not a moral failing, it is a recognised, diagnosable and treatable disease.

Do You Have a Drinking Problem?
Is alcohol impacting your day to day life? Trying hard to stop or limit your drinking? There is always a way to help no matter how bad things may seem.
Recovery from long term alcoholism is possible with the right tools and guidance. If you are unsure if you need an alcohol centre, take the standard alcoholic test here. Chat to our alcohol counsellors today. Our team are specialists in treating entrenched alcohol abuse cases and best helping alcoholics find their serenity and sobriety again.
Family Alcoholics?
Helping a family member into alcohol recovery is an emotive and difficult undertaking and one that few families are prepared to handle on their own.
The nature of this gradual disease is that family rifts form over a long time-frames of alcohol abuse.
Alcoholics rarely seek inpatient treatment or come as “willing participants” until the disease reaches chronic or life threatening stages. Having a mediator limits the conflict and enables a new perspective to reach favorable resolution.
Best Alcohol Rehab
Any individual exposed to long term alcohol use is at risk of becoming an alcoholic. Detoxification from extended alcohol abuse may even require medical supervision to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms limit the risks of seizure.
Helping individuals with their alcohol addiction long-term requires a specialized approach as the risks of later relapse are still very high.
Recovery Direct are experts in dealing with long-term alcohol addiction issues.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Programme Overview
We use evidence based techniques that focus on establishing the right foundations to build a long term recovery. Through extensive research we have constructed a range of holistic treatment directives for treating and overcoming alcoholism in a broad range of patients. The program focuses on a series of successive counselling therapy sessions aimed at rapidly identifying root causes and self defeating behaviours in respect to the alcohol abuse. Thereafter each individuals treatment is fine tuned to their specific life path.
Treatment Methodology
Modern alcohol rehabilitation requires an treatment program that is tailored to each individual. There is no one one-size fits all solution however there are frequent themes manifest around dealing with unresolved trauma, dysfunctional coping or belief systems, chemical imbalances and or combinations of the aforementioned.
The Facility
Finding the right alcohol treatment rehab can make all the difference in the world. Our alcoholism treatment facilities are not what you would expect. We operate an inspirational program in a serene and upmarket environment designed specifically to allow patients the latitude and support for breaking free from their cycles of self-abuse.

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Everything you wanted to know about alcoholism.