Crystal Meth Treatment

Once away from the crystal meth, many patients experience extreme depression and it takes a great deal of support to manage the initial stages of meth withdrawal. Many psychotic symptoms, including paranoia, hallucinations, & a range of delusions, may occur in patients. Recovery Direct operates a one-month rehab programme that enables patient to break away and stay clean from meth addiction.

If someone you love or you are having a difficult time stopping crystal meth or abstaining from drug use, consider our 28-day recovery programme with dedicated drug counsellors.

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Crystal Meth Can Be Beaten

Meth Addiction is Not a Life Sentence, We Are Here To Help You Through This.

What is Crystal Meth?
Tik is the most common “street name” for “crystalized methamphetamine” or “Crystal Meth” in South Africa. This drug is a highly addictive synthetic psycho-stimulant. The white crystal powder can be snorted (inhaled via the nose), smoked or injected intravenously. South Africa’s “tik” epidemic is most prevalent in the Western Cape, however the drug knows no race or cultural boundaries and permeates all facets of our society.
Signs of Meth Addiction
The tell tale signs of meth use are an increased attention & decreased fatigue, activity & wakefulness, talkativeness, loss of appetite, euphoria & “rush” sensations, rapid respiration, irregular heartbeat and in some cases hyperthermia. Physical or psychological need for meth increases rapidly this results in increased amounts to reproduce the same effects. Meth addicts start “seeking” and continue to use the drug, despite harmful consequences.
Effects of Crystal Meth Abuse
Using crystal meth on a short term but yet consistent basis, may result in feelings of chronic anxiety and paranoia, most users also experience severe insomnia. Thoughts of suicide are experienced with many meth users.

The feeling of hopelessness will fade and left ahead of you will be clarity, opportunity, happiness and most of all hope

Meth Addiction Long Term Effects
Over extended use crystal meth can cause severe physical & psychological problems. Meth releases high volumes of dopamine into the brain, overtime this release deteriorates the brains natural dopamine receptors, making it hard to experience pleasure naturally or without the drug. Long term abuse includes destroying body tissues & blood vessels & hampers the natural ability to heal.
Methamphetamine Withdrawal
Meth Addiction Treatment
Recovery Direct operates a comprehensive rehab treatment program for patients addicted to “tik” or crystal meth. This is usually run over a two month residential and long term outpatient program in Cape Town.

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