Recovery Direct is a care centre that was founded to address the many shortfalls in helping people with addiction, depression, anxiety and stress-related issues. The treatment centre now includes a specialist network of mental health and personal growth professionals in a variety of disciplines who are committed to the many interrelated mental health care requirements of patients.

Our programme is one of the few that handles the underlying trauma on which many mental health concerns are based. 

Inpatient Online Outpatient Facility

We focus on the recovery from substances like drugs, alcohol, or other addictions or problematic and self-destructive behaviours such as gambling, food and self-image related problems. The non-punitive and patient treatment focus creates a flexible programme centred around what each individual needs to undertake the first steps in their path to finding long-term recovery.

Programmes include specialist consulting psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and medical specialists drawn from an extensive network of registered professionals dependent on the unique requirements in the recovery of each patient.

Daily individual counselling sessions, online therapy and educational programmes based on the latest research in the field of personal recovery.

Recovery Direct Online includes a number of online channels that enable people to obtain well researched psychoeducational material of our programme for free. Since the beginning of lockdown in South Africa. The centre has released a number of high-quality certified online recovery courses to the general public.

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The site features a number of free online resources to help individuals to stay on the path of long-term recovery and aims to grow to support a far wider community living in sobriety.