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Psychological Therapy Centre

Interrelated psychiatric disorders frequently related to addictions including anxiety, stress, depression, bi-polar, self harm and other destructive or compulsive behaviours. Learn to manage a new lifestyle free from debilitating mental health conditions.

Registered CounsellorsSubstances

Substance Use Disorders


Substances such as alcohol, street drugs, prescription medications and over the counter medications fall into the broader category of Substances. Substances hold a specific psychological purpose in restoring a missing sense of wellbeing by diverting the minds attention to a new target that provides temporary comfort or escape.


Treatment Centre in Cape Town

Exterior Cape Town Treatment Centre

Luxury residential private care rehabilitation facility based in Constantia Cape Town provides the ideal retreat for individuals suffering from the process or substance-related issues.

This facility offers private inpatient, aftercare and outpatient programmes. See full gallery here.
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Executive Mental Wellness Retreat

Executive Stress Retreat

Recovery Direct’s evidence-based centre is dedicated to confidentially restoring your mental vitality and physical balance and wellbeing. Timeout to re-focus, re-centre, rejuvenate and find clarity to re-gain emotional stability from anxiety & stress.

5 Day Executive Break

Compulsive Behaviours


Recovery Direct has one of South Africa’s leading care centres for compulsion based behaviours with bespoke treatments and understanding of exercise, shopping, gambling, work, food, sex, affairs, pornography or masturbation, anorexia, bulimia, overeating and other body. Our team of specialised therapists are here for you.


Trauma Counselling


Recovery Direct’s advanced trauma recovery programme mindfully and discreetly helps you resolve many deeply entrenched past traumatic experiences that may be negatively impacting your present-day life.

Through specialised and talk therapy programmes we are able to work through the limiting trauma, beliefs and help you find the real you, through the layers of past experiences.

Trauma TherapyComplex Trauma

Family Therapy

Family Care Cape Town South Africa

Family systems therapy disentangles the negative impacts that family members may play on each other by providing a mediated platform for constructive dialogue. Family dynamics include co-occurring issues that are addressed and worked on individually and group conversations.

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