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Luxury residential private care rehabilitation facility based in Constantia Cape Town provides the ideal retreat for individuals suffering from process or substance related issues. This facility offers private inpatient, aftercare and outpatient programmes. See full gallery here.

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Interrelated psychiatric disorders frequently related to addictions including anxiety, stress, depression, bi-polar, self harm and other destructive or compulsive behaviours. Learn to manage a new lifestyle free from debilitating mental health conditions.


Eating Disorders


Recovery Direct boasts one of South Africa’s leading eating disorder treatment units with bespoke treatments for anorexia, bulimia, overeating and other related body dysmorphic disorders. Led by a team of specialised therapists and psychologist professionals.

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Family Systems Treatment


Family systems therapy is a modality which disentangles the negative impacts family members have on each other. Family dynamics include co-occurring issues that are rapidly addressed and resolved in this format of individual and group therapy.

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Substance Use Disorders


Addictions to habit forming substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medications and over the counter medications. Supported by multi disciplinary addiction counsellors trained in specialised appreciative care model centred around each patient.


Trauma Counselling


Recovery Direct’s advanced trauma recovery programme mindfully and discreetly helps resolve these past traumatic experiences that are negatively impacting present day life. Resolving trauma is the cornerstone to therapy.

Trauma TherapyComplex Trauma

Recovery Programmes


Specialised rehabilitation programmes designed around the unique life circumstances of each patient. Each phase is driven by ongoing bespoke assessments, individualised therapy, and evidence-based solutions for each patient in treatment.

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