Professional Registered Counselling in Cape Town

If you are looking for counselling and support from an experienced, qualified, registered counsellor in Cape Town, please go ahead and contact Recovery Direct to schedule a session. We operate in Cape Town, South Africa and give specialised counselling services to individuals and couples. Our residential recovery centre specialises in self-esteem, trauma, relationship issues, substance use disorders and depression or anxiety support.

Counselling in a treatment centre environment is in many cases more beneficial than privately contracted counselling services. The reason for this is two-fold, firstly the assessment process in a treatment centre includes the matching of a specific counsellor to you as a person, couple or family. The second reason hinges around the treatment dynamics and using the pooled skill sets of a counselling team to steer the most effective treatment paths for individual patients.

The personal counsellor assessment process in Cape Town

In a treatment centre, there are a number of registered counsellors and each has their own personality type and life experience and area of expertise. Much of the role of an individual counsellor is to establish trust and congruence with the patient/s so that in sessions you can approach sensitive topics in the shortest time frames possible.

Establishing trust and congruence upfront often means matching personality types, which is often hard to do as an individual that you simply look up a local counsellor and book a session.

Finding a counsellor that meets your individual needs can be a “stab in the dark”.

Even if they are well trained, highly experienced and attuned to your particular needs it may take a good few sessions before you are comfortable with opening up and dealing with what needs to be dealt with.

The motivation for seeing a counsellor that operates in a formal treatment centre environment comes down to what they call “multidisciplinary” case work. In a treatment centre individual cases are in daily peer review in order to asses the best treatment path forward for the patient.

This peer review process essentially shares between other professional counsellors the objective points and merits of each case in order to assesses the best path forward in terms of your treatment plan. This knowledge share ensures that the most appropriate and optimal treatment path is top of mind at all times and that your assigned counsellor does not get stuck in path of treatment simply because that is all they know and think is best.

Often private indivual counsellor services form their own multidisciplinary coalitions to mimic the effect of a multidisciplinary team (which is great in theory). However independent registered counsellors in South Africa are not mandated to do this and if they are part of a coalition it is rarely a daily occurrence and may neglect or reject  multidisciplinary insights, that would normally be enforced in a formal treatment team.

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