Drug Rehab in Cape Town

Drug addiction can be beaten! Recovery Direct’s market-leading approach to successful drug rehabilitation is exactly what you need to fast-track your recovery. Both inpatient and outpatient services designed to enable get you back to living your life again.

Exclusive Drug Rehab in Cape Town

If you or a family member have been caught in the grips of active drug addiction we have a dedicated care centre that is here to help you.

Our Cape Town based drug rehab clinic has a range of treatment solutions and registered addiction counsellors in a private, secure and discreet practice. As one of South Africas best residential drug rehabs, Recovery Direct designs tailored solutions for each patientand their unique life circumstances. Two dedicated counsellors and two private individual treatment sessions per day, ensures you have a support team that is 100% there for you, each step of the way.

Do You Have a Drug Problem?

Are drugs or other harmful substances impacting your life? Having trouble stopping? There is a path to recovery no matter how bad things may seem. Recovery from hard drug use is possible with the right tools and guidance.

Book an appointment with one of the best drug rehabs in South Africa. Recovery Direct’s drug rehab centre in Cape Town today. Click here to speak to admissions counsellor.

Family Care Programme

Recovery Direct understands how hard it is to witness a family member caught on the path of active drug addiction. And too how complex family dynamics can be for everyone concerned. We are here to help you through this tough time.

Our team of specialists are here to mediate family conflict and crisis situations. It’s not about blame, it’s simply about getting the train back onto the tracks and starting in a new and guided direction.

Harm Reduction For Drug Addictions

There are times when abstinence is an unlikley prospect and we have to start in a direction that ensures safety and compassion for the person. Harm reduction seeks not to stop the usage but to ensure a more progressive and less detrimental aproach is taken to to help. In harm reduction we do not target the substance but rather focus on helping the person find what is driving their self-destructive behaviours and offer solutions to lessen the the negative impacts on their health and psycological wellbeing.

Private Drug Rehab Centre Based in Cape Town, South Africa

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call now

You cannot put a price on your life, or the life of your loved one.

Recovery Direct focuses on establishing the right foundations to build a long term recovery based life-style.

We have created a range of holistic treatment principles for overcoming drug addiction while dealing with patient’s specific recovery needs as cared for individuals.

With highly experienced medical-professionals, counsellors and psychologists we deal with the underlying disorders that perpetuate ongoing relapses or specific drug addictions.

Physical pain and trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues can all play a role in addiction and the relapse cycle.

Drug addiction can be a chronic, progressive and fatal disorder if left untreated. Finding the right drug rehab service can make all the difference. Our drug treatment facilities in Cape Town are not what you would expect. We operate an inspirational program in a serene and upmarket environment that places patient care and understanding as our first priority.

Specialist addiction psychologist & multidisciplinary addiction counsellors, treating a broad variety of drug addictions, based in the Cape Town  Drug Rehab in South Africa. Get the help you need to beat any drug addiction.

Travelling to Cape Town as a destination and seeking addiction recovery may seem like a far fetched idea, however when you consider the number of foreign visitors to Cape Town based addiction rehab centres you will begin to understand that Cape Town plays host to a nexus of some of the best specialists in the field of long term substance addiction recovery. As a location, Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic destinations for addiction treatment services and provides an ideal setting for healing with its natural beauty, wide open spaces, myriad of outdoor activities to enjoy, majestic wildlife and expert treatment centres.

The price of an air-ticket is minor in comparison to seeking local treatment that does not work for the patient.

“Medical Tourism” for drug addiction treatment in Cape Town is a rapidly expanding sector and for many good reasons. Both local and international patients that value their privacy in matters surrounding active addictions simply “go on holiday to Cape Town” and come back to their day to day lives having discreetly “kicked the habit”.

Away from all triggers that drag people back into destructive path of drug addiction and armed with the right therapeutic guidance is what is required to start the lifelong process of addiction recovery. Recovery Direct’s luxury Cape Town drug rehab centre is the best in class facility designed specifically to treat substance use disorders and has been formulated around the objectives of dealing with the core psychosocial issues and disparities that perpetuate drug addictions and the related behaviours. The psychotherapeutic care and appreciative approach gives patients the time to reach their personal breakthroughs and make clear decisions in a therapeutically supported environment.

Addiction recovery involves the holistic view of all aspects of the individual and a return to a state of health by working on mind, body and spirit.

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