Sleeping Pill / Sedative / Tranquilizer Addiction Treatment

Benzodiazepines are a highly addictive class of sleeping pill or anti-anxiety medication sedative, or tranquilizer medication most often prescribed to treat anxiety, stress or panic in patients.

These “minor tranquilizers” can become highly addictive as your body becomes more dependent on them to function.

Benzo” addicts begin to experience withdrawal symptoms or display “drug seeking” behaviours quite quickly when the medication is not present. Increasing tolerance to the effects of the drug is also indicative of active addiction.

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Do You Have a Benzo Problem?
Benzodiazepines also known as “downers”, “trancs”, “benzos” or “nerve pills” are prescription medication “tranquilizers” that can easily escalate into an active drug addiction. Overtime behavioral changes begin affecting day to day function as work and family relationships begin to slide. Benzodiazepine withdrawal differs in severity between different patients. Anxiety and drug-seeking behaviour are the biggest indicators of a dependence issue.
Family Member on Benzos?
Benzodiazepine addiction treatment is much like any other hard drug addiction problem. Unfortunately due to it being a prescription based medication “mothers little helper” families are unaware or don’t view it as a “drug addiction” until it has progressed to a critical point.All too often families even “enable” benzodiazepine addicts without even knowing it. Speak to one of our counsellors about effectively treating benzodiazepine addiction in your family.
Benzodiazepine Detox
One just as to visit a wikipedia page to understand that accute benzos withdrawals requires a specilised environment & programme designed around the long term effects of benzodiazepines. In some cases it is harder to withdraw individuals from benzodiazepines than it is from street drugs like heroin or meth. Withdrawal effects can last for drugs like Heroin can withdrawal within 10 days”>months even years after recovery. Thus solid relapse prevention strategies need to be employed to combat the long-term effects of benzos after rehab.

Break the cycle, develop the skills, avoid relapse and start your mindful & constructive path forward.

Symptoms of Long-term Use
Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are not intended to be used on a long term basis. For a short time frame they will help you calm down and sleep, but over longer periods of time they will begin to have an opposite effect.
One of the long-term use of side effects of benzodiazepine exposure is the “depersonalization effect”, this is a general feeling of disconnection from our immediate surroundings, relationships and / or interactions with other people. Further adverse effects include cognitive function, physical health, and mental health deterioration.
How People Get Addicted
Many patients become hooked by repeat prescriptions of these tranquillisers. Indicative “seeking” behaviours include stealing prescription pads from doctors offices, buying benzos from illegitimate sources (not prescribed) and / or progress to polysubstance abuse. In general people that have been exposed to benzos for a long enough time period inherent the addiction by alterations to their natural brain chemistry. In lower dosages, benzos are sedatives. In more moderate dosages, they help with anxiety. In higher doses they are considered to be “hypnotics”.
Recovery Direct Benzo Rehab
Benzodiazepine addiction is a relatively common addition and a particularly tough one to manage in terms of treatment. Patients start out as patients seeking legitimate medical help for common sleeping and anxiety disorders and stray into a world of chemical dependancy. With the nasty long-term withdrawal and side effects of benzos ceccastin the former sleep and anxiety issues return. Dealing with the benzodiazepine addiction needs to cater for this on top of long term treatment and addiction cycles that have entrenched themselves over the period of abuse.

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