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Heroin recovery usually requires between 28 and 90 days in residential treatment due to the nature of this drug. Longer periods in active treatment are recommended in the outpatient programme.

Heroin Addiction Recovery

There are a number of highly effective treatments services for heroin addicts. This includes both behaviour based treatment and medical options. Heroin is a powerful drug with hard to manage withdrawal effects. Inpatient treatment is highly recommended after a medical detox in an appropriate healthcare facility.

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In South Africa “nyope” or “whoonga” a (mixture of heroin and marijuana) feature as one of the most frequently used/treated combinations of illegal drugs. Intravenous heroin use as a progression of whoonga or nyope addiction is on the rapid incline, as cheap heroin easily enters South Africa’s borders.

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The effects of heroin addiction are chronic, progressive and potentially fatal if left untreated.

Introduction to Heroin

Very few drugs strike the fear into society the way heroin does. What is heroin? Heroin is a highly addictive “opiate” or a “pain killer”. Heroin is a powerful drug that has caused innumerable lives to be lost in overdose cases. With the right help and guidance, heroin addicts can and do recover each and every day. There is hope.

Heroin Addiction & Relapse

One of the biggest reasons people become so addicted and need inpatient treatment is that their tolerance for the drug develops so quickly. This tolerance drives them to take more of the substance to reach the same effect. Consequent withdrawal effects are traumatic and users are forced back into a relapse cycle to abate the incessant cravings.

Heroin Detox Clinics in Johannesburg

Heroin recovery centres begin to arrest the volume of drug intake reshaping the tolerance spectrum. Detox thus includes weaning the patient down to a manageable, controlled and less life threatening point. Thereafter heroin rehabs focus on building the psychological fortitude in a safe supportive environment.

Heroin Treatment and Rehab – Overcoming Heroin in South Africa

Long-term heroin recovery means, breaking the cycle, developing life skills to handle cravings, avoiding relapse triggers and starting a mindful and constructive path forward.

Drug Programme Overview

Our team work on creating the best foundation to base long term recovery in patients.
Recovery Direct have an intensive treatment programme for beating heroin addiction while handling each individuals recovery needs. Each patient is treated as an individual and knowing all the variables of heroin treatment we cannot assume to follow a rigid format of treatment as each case is different.

Treatment Methodology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) As an element of each individuals treatment plan, Recovery Direct utilise CBT with patients as a way to get them to identify self-defeating behaviours that perpetuate their addiction. Progress depends on the getting to know patients circumstances and working through the medication-assisted treatment detox phase, therapy and finally reintegration.

Recovery Direct Drug Rehab

Set in the tranquil heart in one of Johannesburg’s most luxurious suburbs away from the bustle of suburban and urban life but in close proximity to nature. Recovery Directs heroin detox centre is unlike anything you would have imagined a heroin detox to be. Non-punitive, mindful addiction treatment continuum with long term support structures for heroin addicts.

Luxury Heroin Detox in Johannesburg

One of the best rehab for heroin addiction in South Africa. Recovery Directs residential drug rehabs clinics enable heroin addicts to “break” that cycle and keep clear of relapse triggers until the individual can regain the balance to take on long term recovery. Home to some of South Africa’s best and most experienced addiction treatment experts Johannesburg is the ideal setting to break the harrowing toils of heroin addiction once and for all. Patients travel from around South Africa and the world to find exclusive heroin addiction treatment in our centres. Shared suites are available to all residents in a stress free sober home living environment. Recovery Direct follows a distinct NON PUNITIVE approach with patients allowing patients to work through their detox phase in dignity and with respect and in a supportive environment. Over time cravings diminish and patients acquire the perspective and cognitive tools necessary for long-term recovery.

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