Cocaine Addiction Recovery in South Africa

Individuals get addicted to cocaine after extended usage periods or regular use of the substance. Cocaine forms a powerful psychological bond and cessation becomes harder and harder as the person uses more of the drug. Cocaine can be beaten, the power of recovery is within each and every one of us.

Addiction does not need to be a life sentence. We understand what you are going through and are here to help you find new hope. Recovery Direct are specialists in cocaine withdrawal & aftercare services.

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Long-term Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation – Simply A Call Away

Recovery Direct has one of the best track records for dealing with acute cocaine addiction recovery cases.

Cocaine Addict Interventions
Interventions are structured meetings that help people with cocaine addictions to understand how the drug connects to the problems in their lives. Interventions provide an opportunity for the addict to accept help for their addiction and to educate the family on how-to move forward in a positive & constructive way.This process should be guided by an addictions counsellor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist in prior collaboration with the family.
Treatment for Cocaine Abuse
Cocaine addiction treatments can be both behavioral & pharmacological. Behavioral therapy focuses on psychosocial issues to deal with the underlying motivations and psychological problems associated with cocaine addiction.

Pharmacological treatment administers medication to alleviate cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine withdrawal nosedives patients into deep depression which is a traumatizing process for patients that need to be managed carefully.

Recovery Services Include
Cocaine addicts need a therapeutic non-punitive, managed detox environment to “detox”. The environment must typically have the following professionally managed services.

  • Medical monitoring / medication
  • Individual, group & family therapy
  • Introduction to anonymous groups
  • Sober activities & education
  • Relapse prevention training & aftercare

Getting clean from cocaine is more than staying in a treatment centre, your sobriety will demand an ongoing commitment to long-term aftercare to be successful.

Addiction Is a Family Disease
Cocaine addiction stresses families to a breaking point. Unity, finances, and wellbeing simmer below the surface as addicts manipulate, lie and deny as they spin out of control. “Don’t hate the addict hate the drug” are seemingly meaningless words in the face of an active cocaine addiction where so many life altering things have transpired within the family dynamic. Understanding that families of cocaine addicts need as much support as he addicts themselves is an important part of the recovery process. Chat to us about how we can help re-establish the communication and new boundaries.
Sustainable Aftercare
The Recovery Direct aftercare treatment methodology integrates to fit within your day to day work, family and social life so that patients are always in a state of treatment. Aftercare consists of a regulated individual and group meetings and a host of family reintegration and support services.
Social, family environment, family history, personality traits, peer pressure, stress, physical and/or emotional trauma, impulsive behaviour, coping skills, mental health disorders can all play and influencing role in the perpetuation of cocaine addictions and establishing the new path of recovery.
Ready to Get Help?
Recovery Direct operates an inpatient facility designed specifically to support, uplift and help people suffering from cocaine withdrawal.

Our counsellors have been through the process of treating cocaine problems.

Our specialist staff, psychologists have a wealth of experience in dealing with the long term trauma created in deep seated cocaine habits.

Contact us today for an assessment.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Rehab in South Africa

Street Names for CocaineWhat is Cocaine?Cape Town Cocaine Rehab
Street names for cocaine in South Africa
Nose candy
Snow dust
White lady
Street names for cocaine around the world
Big rush
Street names for crack cocaine
Snow coke
Black rock
Hard rock
Combination of cocaine & other drugs
Snow seals
Candy flipping
Cocaine is a powerful stimulant of natural origin; the drug is extracted from leaves of the coca plant ne Erythroxylon coca, found in the Andean highlands of South America. The alkaloid content of coca leaves is relatively low, between 0.25% and 0.77% and requires a process called “acid / base extraction” to separate cocaine from the plants.
Our specialist cocaine addiction treatment program is designed around each individuals needs. The non-punitive approach to cocaine addiction treatment allows each person to manage their own pace of treatment. Cape Town is an iconic destination known globally for it’s natural beauty mountainous landscapes. As a popular holiday destination Cape Town plays host to range of visitors seeking high quality addiction treatment services in a tranquil upmarket setting. While the majority of patients for cocaine addictions stem from Johannesburg and other regions of South Africa the there is a steady and growing stream of patients coming for treatment from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and Germany. The favorable Rand to Dollar / Euro / Pound exchange rates and availability of expert skills make the prospect of treatment in Cape Town more appealing than local centres.
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