Misunderstood and steeped in societal shame

Compulsive behaviours can often be traced back to past traumas and experiences which have altered the way in which the you have learnt to manage your emotions or anxieties. Talk therapy might be very helpful in shedding some light on the connections between these seemingly distinct components.

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Examples of these behaviours are compulsive shopping, “sex addiction” or “intimacy disorders”overeatingproblems with gambling, exercise or sports addiction, and internet addiction.

What is behavioural addiction?

Behavioural addictions often follow the same patterns as substance-based addictions, however, they involve a compulsion to engage in certain behaviours that do not include the ingestion of a substance. Engaging in a certain behaviour can cause the same mental reward (“high”) that’s typically induced by the consumption of a substance.

These behavioural addictions are carried out despite a range of negative consequences in terms of the individuals’ physical, mental, social or financial well-being. It often causes many disruptions within the individuals’ life and can cause mistrust within relationships. This behaviour is repeatedly engaged in, driven by an ongoing urge to pursue this specific activity, despite the awareness that it might have detrimental consequences.

Behavioural addictions are also referred to as “process addictions”. With an individualized treatment plan, many of these behaviours can be overcome and individuals can lead fulfilling lives again.

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Treatment for compulsive gambling disorders may include several different approaches depending on the individual’s unique life circumstances.

Help With Gambling Disorders

Internet addiction can be described as an impulse control or behavioural disorder. While this type of addiction may not involve an intoxicating drug, it is very closely linked to pathological gambling.