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Help for gambling addiction is simply a phone call away. At Recovery Direct, our counsellors are able to handle your questions about compulsive gambling, and provide long term treatment.

Gambling Online Counselling in Cape Town, South Africa

A “compulsive, or pathological, problem gambler” are terms that have been used to describe someone who cannot resist his or her impulse to gamble. Gambling disorders can lead to serious personal, professional or social consequences if left untreated.

Compulsive gambling addiction is in no way a moral dilemma nor has it got to do with being weak, these are treatable conditions that have complex motivations that are usually based in some form of past or complex trauma.

Recovery Direct offers specialised care for gambling addictions on an inpatient or outpatient basis in a secure and discreet facility based in Cape Town.

Are You a Pathological Gambler?

Is gambling impacting your day to day life? Are you finding it hard to stop or limit your gambling? There is always help available, no matter how bad things may seem. Recovery from problem gambling is possible and with right support and guidance, you can start to live your life again. Speak to our gambling counsellors today.

Family Relationships

Compulsive gambling can have many consequences on financial resources and interpersonal relationships. More often than not, it becomes increasingly difficult for the person to find the support they need in order to actually recover in that the family is often connected to the behaviour and a central source of the shame. This is why it is so important to admit people struggling with severe gambling disorders into a treatment centre as the risk of suicide can be substantially higher than with so many other addiction based disorders.

Family therapy is often the best way to help and mediate these circumstances as the therapy progresses over time. Read more about family therapy here.

Best Way Of Helping With Gambling

Gambling addiction requires a specialised approach as the risks of later relapse can very high. In view of this, there is a distinct focus on incorporating a wide range of family conflict resolution into the treatment approach. Recovery Direct handles gambling addiction issues in the continuum of care.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Programme Overview

We use modern treatment techniques that focus on establishing the right foundations to build a long term recovery. Through extensive research we have constructed a range of holistic treatment models for treating and overcoming Gambling Addiction in a broad range of patients.

Treatment Methodology

Effective gambling recovery needs a focused treatment model designed around each individual’s unique requirements. There is no such thing as blanket treatment model as each person’s triggers are different. Long-term gambling recovery must be sustainable and this is what we work towards implementing at Recovery Direct.

The Facility

Finding the right gambling rehabilitation centre can make all the difference. Our gambling addiction treatment centre is set in a relaxed villa atmosphere away from the stresses of daily life. Recovery Direct focuses on inspiring patients to future success within a serene and therapeutic environment.

Pathological Gambling Treatment Centre

Why Cape Town Gambling Addiction Clinics

Cape Town hosts some of the best gambling addiction recovery centres in the world. Specialist problem gambling disorder therapists and psychologists make the city a sought after attraction for the international addiction recovery market.

In the context of costs for private addiction recovery in international locations like the United Kingdom and Europe, an air ticket to Cape Town or South Africa is a nominal expense.

“Medical Tourism” for gambling addiction is a fast becoming an adopted norm. Travellers simply “disappear on vacation to Cape Town” and return to their home country having stopped gambling for good.

Five star gambling addiction treatment centres facilitate a “break away” from the routines and triggers that cause problem gamblers to relapse. In Cape Town they are able to receive the therapy they need to break the gambling habits and form new constructive routines moving forward.