People who struggle with addiction disorders are frequently in denial or unwilling to seek professional treatment or help. It is in these scenarios where interventionists play a critical role in a potentially life-threatening situation. With any intervention, the primary aim is to help all parties to guide a person that is resistant to professional care onto a path of recovery. This often involves the restoration of potentially problematic family dynamics and providing an independent solid platform for a renewed state of family well-being for everyone concerned.

    At Recovery Direct We Approach Addiction Interventions Differently

    Our primary goal is to ensure that each person makes a safe transition to start seeking and accepting the independent support and treatment from our unique programme. We believe in the rights of our patients and their families are paramount and the natural evolution into electing to use our treatment services is of their own accord, but sometimes people need the support and guidance from independent professionals.

    For this facilitation process, we use the worlds best “intervention” facilitators to provide highly specialised third party guidance through the intervention process. Each of these intervention counsellors has been hand-selected to professionally guide and maximise the most effective use of our services and in full support of their clients, every step of the way.

    These independent interventionists are not only part of the services but are valued members of the “Recovery Direct Family” that serve to ensure that both the family and the patient themselves receive absolute best support throughout the process.

    Recovery Direct has dedicated full family facilities to enable full family systems treatment programmes admittance. These programmes contain and manage full end-to-end in-patient, family structure recovery in a closed-loop ecosystem of consultations unique to Recovery Directs evidence-based trauma recovery programme.

    If you would like to speak to one of our intervention specialists in your country of origin please contact us and we will put you in touch with the most appropriate person.

    Please note that our interventionist services charge independently of Recovery Direct. Their invaluable inputs can make a critical difference to the outputs of some patients.

    How Patient Treatment Works With Intervention Facilitators

    • Facilitator Assesment
    • Recovery Direct Assesment
    • Collaberative Treatment Plan
    • Daily Patient Process (Managed)
    • Weekly Patient Process (Managed)
    • Feedback Collaberation Facilitator

    How We Work With Intergrated Intervention Facilitators

    • Process Notes (Daily)
    • Progress Review (Weelky)
    • Or summary views of treatment on.
    • On site check-in
    • Full residential facilitation

    Advantages Of Addiction Treatment in South Africa

    • The cost advantage for visitors from Europe, United States, United Kingdom makes premium treatment far more accessible to wider international price brackets than would be possible in counterpart centres in those regions. (Please check with our local admissions)
    • Recovery Direct’s therapeutic treatment regimen is highly intensive in that patients will see a dedicated one-on-one registered counsellor twice a day. This is up to five times more therapy than is provided by many competing centres. The dynamic of this treatment approach facilitates rapid growth and learning curve in treatment.

    How The Centre is Staged For The Most Effective Recovery

    • Our highly individualised treatment framework has been carefully formulated to cater to the specific needs of each of your clients and their families
    • Using information that you have gained during your assessment of the client’s needs, coupled with the insights provided by our multi-disciplinary team of specialists, an Individualised Treatment Plan is created, reviewed and implemented by our team in South Africa.
    • Alternatively Recovery Direct is able to take over the complete management cycle and provide facilitators with treatment escalation or de-escalation plans.
    • Recovery Direct has two (separated, but next door “secluded”) premium facilities. Each facility has a range of multifunction executive suites that can be deployed and re-allocated into either dedicated executive suites or multi-use suites depending on the client blend or group dynamics. In some cases, the entire facility can be “booked out” for a family programme (all depends on the client’s unique requirement).
    • The facility has a very low environmental impact as it is supplied by natural spring water and generates its own electricity via solar panels.
    • There are a number of dedicated consultation rooms for one on one treatment and friendly warm lounges for groups and lectures and picturesque gardens and retreat spaces set in the backdrop of the Randburg Berg mountains.
    • Recovery Direct is a NON 12 Step programme that uses a dynamic underlying trauma therapy and conflict resolution model. All counsellors are qualified, trained and operating in a highly dynamic, collaborative and progressive programme. This is the pinnacle of evidence led therapy for addiction treatment and we openly invite critique and expert guidance.

    Exclusive help for substances, amphetamine, alcohol, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription. Recovery Direct Johannesburg also manages expert counselling services for eating disorders, gambling and sex help services.

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