Customised Rehab Treatment Programmes

Recovery Direct provides comprehensive therapeutic care for individuals suffering from substance use disorder and associated mental health conditions that commonly include eating disorders, gambling, sex, depression, trauma and anxiety related issues.

A full spectrum of programmes to cater for the unique life circumstances of each patient.

The continuum of care underpins our customised treatment programme which is further tailored to each patient’s needs using a versatile measurement scale of their circumstance, progress and relapse risk. The faster patients are able to root their personal growth, healing and resilience, the quicker they are able to adapt to less intensive and disruptive paths of therapeutic care. All programmes are led by specialist multi disciplinary counsellors and psychologists and a range of trauma and personal development practitioners that maintain ongoing dialogue in the adaptive treatment regimen.

Recovery Direct’s rehab Johannesburg approach enables clients to extend or shorten treatment time frames of their treatment. Recovery Direct patients are NOT required to complete full programme outlines as above if their progress does not warrant it. These are merely guideline time frames that are frequently used in treatment.

Customised addiction treatment plan:

There is no denying that the circumstances and triggers which created the need to maintain a substance use disorder or detrimental behaviour are specific to each patient. This is why a customised addiction treatment plan is so important in the considerations required during treatment. Each customised treatment plan is designed to help you identify the problems that are preventing your self-healing.

We provide specialist treatment for alcoholicsdrug users and a variety of other related addiction disorders such as gamblingsexcannabiscocaineheroin, khat and prescription medications.

Recovery Direct also manages a number of sober living homes and halfway houses and intervention services in the context of the addiction recovery and residential rehab programmes.

Positive behavioural reprogramming and trauma resolution therapy enables individuals to break free from their addictions and maintain productive day to day outputs.

Working Addiction Outpatient Programme
Recovery Direct Employee’s Programme is tailored to be cost-effective for employees/employers that believe a coworker may have an alcohol or drug problem.

Non-12 Step addiction rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg use a client-centric trauma psychotherapeutic care model that is based on evidence to effectively treating executive burnout, substance issues, anxiety, depression and chronic stress.

This centre features high-quality non-punitive treatment programs that are custom designed for professionals just like you. The evidence-based treatment uses complex trauma resolution as a basis for therapy in a model that is effective and unique to our treatment centres and is focused on your long-term recovery.

Your Mental Wellness

Executive Environment

Recovery Direct is an exclusive evidence-based rehab centre that is dedicated to confidentially restoring your mental vitality and physical balance and wellbeing. We give you the time, space and guidance to reflect, plan and decide your next move.

Specialised therapeutic support gives you unbiased, professional insights into emotional struggles, relationships and behaviours. Everything is managed in safe, supportive and holistic executive wellness rehabs in South Africa.

Time to prioritise yourself

Harness the mental agility to manage your life again. Fine tune your mental-health and wellbeing inside of South Africa’s leading care centre.