Pain Medication Addiction

Painkiller addiction is one of the most widespread and least understood addictions in society today. Painkiller addiction is often defined by a compulsive use of painkillers that/which lead to harm or some form of dysfunction, and the continued use of painkillers in spite of this harm or dysfunction. There are several formats in which pain medications are distributed from over the counter medications to the addictive prescription based pain medications.

Trying to diagnose early signs of painkiller addiction in yourself or a loved one can be very tricky. Recovery Direct are experts in assessment of pain medication addictions and the most appropriate models of treatment.

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Prescription Painkiller Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

You can turn it around now! Get real help with prescription painkiller addiction in South Africa.

Help for Painkiller Addicts
Prescription medications are most frequently prescribed in a way that will decrease the chances for patients to develop dependence / tolerance or addiction. Most pain medication is only prescribed on a short term basis.

When these prescription drugs are over used or misused the risks of dependence and addiction start to emerge. Using prescription medication outside of what is prescribed by your doctor is a clear sign of a developing addiction to pain medications.

Opioid Pain Medications
Opioid drugs function by blocking the opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord. They limit the transmission of pain messages to the brain and so inhibit the brains ability to process “feeling pain”.

Painkiller Types
Low-efficacy opioids include codeine which is often used in combination with over the counter painkillers like paracetamol + ibuprofen. Moderate-efficacy opioids include dihydrocodeine common in tilidine, tramadol are designed for moderate pain relief and not to be taken with other opioids or alcohol. High-efficacy opioids are designed for more extreme pain relief includes morphine and pethidine.

Need Help With Your/Loved one’s Pain Medication Addiction?

Recovery Direct’s specialised addiction and trauma counsellors are specialists in handling patients with to painkiller addiction issues.

Prescription Opioid Addiction