Your Mental Wellness
Recovery Direct Clock
  • Daily individual conversation with a therapist
  • Daily meditation
  • Gourmet meals
Recovery Direct Desk
  • Daily yoga
  • Stretching and breathing techniques.
  • Therapeutic massage
Consulting Rooms
  • Business centre
  • Various elective therapies
  • Nurturing environment

Re-focus, Re-centre, Rejuvenate

Align your perspective, find clarity, re-gain your emotional stability, learn to manage anxiety & stress

Luxurious Environment

You are forever showing up for other people, but how often do you show up for yourself?

The pressure to lead, inspire, make decisions, be a role model, a parent, a mindful partner or supportive friend. Many relationships can come at the cost of your mental health and wellbeing.

Confidential evidence-based care that is focused on restoring your mental and physical balance. Time to reflect, plan and decide “what now?”

Unbiased, professional insights into emotional struggles, relationships and behaviours.

Safe, supportive and holistic mental wellness retreat.

Individual Attention

Process thoughts in a constructive manner

Space for reflection

Redefine goals and priorities

Gain a new perspective on your internal thought processes

Meditation, Yoga, Stretching and Breathing

Improve self-regulation and self-awareness

Increase your ability to focus

Improve sleep

Assist the body in processing life experiences

Therapeutic Massage

Completely unwind and de-stress

Remove blockages and relax muscles

Feel nurtured

Gourmet Nutritional Meals

Prepared by skilled chefs

Nutritionally dense and restorative

Cater to your special dietary requirements

Executive Suites

Private suites with full amenities

Private desk space and wifi (fibre)

Tea/coffee making facilities and mini-fridge

Time to prioritise yourself

Build the mental agility to maintain executive roles, while restoring your mental health and wellbeing.