Kat Addiction Help in Cape Town

There are a number of highly effective treatments services for Kat addicts. This includes both behaviour based treatment and medical options. Kat is a powerful drug with hard to manage withdrawal effects. Inpatient treatment is highly recommended through Kat detox.

Kat Treatment and Rehab – Overcoming Kat in South Africa

What is Kat or Methcathinone?

Kat in powder form seems to be the most addictive form of the drug. Abuse of this drug is widespread in South Africa and especially in Cape Town. The drug addiction symptoms are much the same as when a person is addicted to other drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

Kat is a stimulant drug and it is also an amphetamine. When people use Kat in its powdered form instead of the plant form, it is actually more dangerous and more addictive. Cathinone and methcathinone are both chemicals that appear in the Kat drug. These are very harmful substances and can destroy your central nervous system over a period of time when it is used frequently.

If you suspect that someone is using Kat please get professional help in as soon as you possibly can. Prolonged use of Kat can lead to death in extreme cases.Some of the early symptoms of addiction to the drug is unprompted weight loss, unusually large pupils, dehydration as well as sleeping habit disturbances.

When people use Kat, especially teenagers, they experience a greater energy rush, feelings of extreme anger or aggression and in some cases they even experience hallucinations. Some people have the experience of a great self confidence that builds up as the drug reaches its pinnacle. But as the effects of Kat wear off it can cause the user to fall into despair as he is no longer on the euphoric cloud that the drug allowed him/her to be on.

Long term use of Kat will severely affect your mental health. Depression is also a common side effect with the abuse of Kat. When you stop using the drug with the help of a rehab centre, at first you will experience a form of anxiety because you will realise that all your problems have not disappeared while you were high on Kat.  Suicidal thoughts may also become a problem but a therapist will be able to talk you through it and help you see that it is not the answer.

Methcathinone Addiction

Kat addiction refers basically to two types of drugs that exist. One comes in the form of leaves that are chewed in order to get high. It contains Catherine, a natural form of amphetamine. For many years it has already been in use in the Arab world and East Africa.

The second form of the drug is powder form and this is the form of drug that most people first get addicted to. Methcathinone has the same side effects as that of cocaine. It causes delusions, anxiety and paranoia. The colour of the Kat powder is white and is normally taken in the form of a capsule or is snorted up through the nose.

This drug is highly addictive and very popular amongst teenagers especially at parties or nightclubs.

It is not easy for people to break the addiction and one would have to seek medical help in order to do so. It is impossible to try and break the habit yourself. Unfortunately even when you are addicted and you manage to break the addiction, the after effects can still last for years afterwards! However this should not deter anyone from trying to break the addiction.

More about Kat Addiction

Kat is a drug that is very addictive. It is very popular in South Africa. It is one of the more expensive drugs and is therefore more popular among the middle class. Kat is also illegal and it is therefore a crime to be found in possession of it. Kat is made illegally and sold for a high profit. A drug is something that can be taken that will make a person feel better but it can have severe side effects.

The problem is that the body starts to think that it needs the drug and that if the drug is not taken negative side effects start to happen like withdrawal. This can be very unpleasant and it described as an intense craving. These cravings are the reason addicts do not stop sooner.

Drug treatment must be sought out as soon as possible. The person must want to be helped in order for the treatment to work. A lot of people will ask what is drug treatment? Drug treatment just means the process by which an addict gets help. This help comes in different forms. One of the most popular forms is clinics.

These clinics are placed all over the country and can vary in price. Although the most common method to enter rehab is voluntarily a court can order a person to enter rehab, this can happen if the person committed a crime under the influence of drugs. A person can also be forced to enter rehab if they are under the age of eighteen and by a parent. Available at these rehab centres are qualified psychologist and doctors.

These psychologists will help the person understand why they abuse the drug and they will also be taught different coping mechanisms. The doctors will help with the medical side of things. These includes helping the patient deal with withdrawal symptoms and help ease them, they will also help in the case of side effects that have led to a medical problem. These professionals are often specialists in drug addiction and help these types of people for a living.