Can be caused by unsettled past trauma

Traumatic events unfortunately happen. Your minds may not have been ready to deal with the event at the time, but those memories can still be impacting your present and future life and relationships. It’s time to break the cycle.

As trauma-based behaviours over time, become your version of “normal”.

One aspect of talk therapy is identifying which thought patterns contribute to past trauma’s being repeated, in addition to the thoughts that result in self-defeating habits and behaviours being engaged in.

Once identified and therapeutically guided, you are able to use practical tools required to steer your emotional responses, triggers and to begin to control a more connected and emotionally aware version of yourself.

Extraordinary trauma can result in severe and chronic impairment across your major life areas these may events include anything from childhood physical and/or sexual abuse, adulthood sexual assault, loss of a loved one, divorce, infidelity, separation, bullying to less conspicuous but equally distressing events.

While seemingly “long past”, “childhood”, “forgotten” these memories survive in the format of stored and distressed emotional layers that may result in maladaptive reactions and behaviours issues with substances or relationships in the present.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, or simply trauma is recognised as one of the most common factors in substance use disorders, depression, anxiety and an ever-growing range of addiction based behaviours. Essentially human beings seek psychological relief, safety and stability or the “soothing” or “escape” that substances provide. Unfortunately, this seeking may also lead to physical or psychological dependence.

Complex trauma means that the longer you were exposed to the traumatic events, the deeper the impacts of those events will have on your overall emotional state of wellbeing. In many scenarios, people may “grow up” in “complex trauma” environments and their traumatic events become their version of “normal”.

When you are in an environment that truly cares about who you are and supports you as an individual, the actual healing can begin. This is what makes Recovery Direct Cape Town centre such an ideal refuge for people struggling with addiction based behaviours.

Recovery Direct has a specialist and direct knowledge of the unique circumstances. Our qualified counselling services are designed to be especially sensitive to the dynamics of your life. Recovery Direct’s is South Africa’s best non-punitive care centre that caters for a wide range of client requirements, we have been where you are and are here to help you now.

Disentangle the complex web of damaged emotions through trauma treatment. Therapists are trained to help through complex layers of trauma to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Trauma Recovery Cape TownWhy Trauma-Focused Treatment Help?

The symptoms of unresolved trauma can involve substance use disorders, relationship and many other behaviour related issues. Traumatised people struggle to find ways to cope in present-day life as they are plagued by the remnants of these past-trauma memories.

While the immediate stressors might seem like new event targets such as relationship issues, losing your job, stress due to children or spouse, injury, divorce, death of a friend or loved one, financial problems, abusive partners, violence, physical or psychological abuse can further contribute or exasperate the underlying damaged emotions from past trauma.

This net effect results in highly unregulated emotional states with unintended behaviours, which can have incredibly dire consequences if left unchecked or unsupported.

Our multi-disciplined therapists can help you to work within your emotional landscape by guiding your unresolved traumatic experiences and present upheavals to a better and more congruent outcomes.

Our approach starts by identifying what traumatic experiences from your immediate or distant past. By exploring these events in a safe and supportive environment are we able to re-connect a path toward your recovery?

Until these feelings have been worked through and the tools learned it is very hard to restore a natural state of calm. As a private rehab and mental health treatment centre in Cape Town that understands this, our programmes are designed around these tailor-made approaches that best facilitate your longterm success, whatever it takes.

Our integrated approach includes therapy solutions created in accordance to your requirements. Uncovering and re-processing past trauma requires a safe and empathetic understanding and approach. You need to be empowered to take control of your emotional state and that takes time and guidance.

Treatment at Recovery Direct is split up into two main categories, namely inpatient and outpatient treatment. A one-hour assessment process precedes all treatments and is designed to align the right therapist with the presented information from the patient. Once this has been completed, the prospective patient’s eligibility for either the inpatient or outpatient programme is also determined.

Traumatic Stress disrupts the nervous system and the emotional balance of the person.

Anxiety, panic, hyperactivity and vigilance, inability to relax, emotional flooding, sleeplessness, rage and hostility reflect this.

As long as these conditions exist, the trauma sufferer will turn to coping mechanisms like substance abuse, excessive medication, food, sex/porn, gambling and shopping, depression, self-mutilation, self-sabotage and sexual dysfunction, ADHD, burnout, sleep disorders, borderline personality disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome amongst others.

Damaged emotions can lead to a lifetime of unstable or compulsion based behaviours if left untreated.
These behaviours often shift, morph and repeat themselves into present-day relationships or cycles that frequently cause you further pain or trauma.

The good news is that your mind always wants to heal itself and with the right help we can get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

“We know that the wildest and most moving dramas are played not in the theatre but in the hearts of ordinary men and women.” – Carl Jung

We work within psychodynamic frameworks, by providing empathetic person-centred therapeutic care, working around their narratives, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma reprocessing and mindfulness techniques, where appropriate.

Trauma unsettling events become the deeper drivers of many avoidance, denial and self-defeating behaviours that get subconsciously locked into repeating present cycles.

Your mind psychologically wants to “protect” or “soothe” you, using these repeating cycles as it sees them as the “safest” option, given the circumstances.

In order to reprogram your mind away from these cycles, we need to safely identify and settle your understanding of these past events in a secure, structured & dedicated program.

Then discover new channels to functionally fit into your daily life to help you mediate your future self when confronted with new external “triggers” or stressors.

Using simple effective personal development breakthroughs to correct the functioning of your mind, body and spirit as a complete and interconnected system.