LGBTQ Addiction Counselling Centre in Cape Town

Substance use disorder in the LGBTQ community is significantly higher than in other social groups. Societal pressures, discrimination and traumatic histories are part of the reality that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people deal with daily.

Finding the help that truly understands the dynamics of LGBTQ culture, relationships and stigmas is incredibly difficult.

Recovery Direct has a non-judgemental program that works with members of the LGBTQ community. Resolving past trauma and deeply rooted pain that has distorted so much of their true self.

As an LGBTQ friendly-recovery centre dedicated to trauma resolution we understand these mental health treatment barriers and will work with you to address the underlying drivers of addiction and a broad range of related behaviour disorders.

    A Treatment Centre That Understands You

    You don’t need to live your life stuck living with substance use, depression, addiction an anxiety disorders when there is such professional care available in South Africa. Each programme is designed around the individual in the context of their life circumstance.

    Substance Abuse

    Substances are exponentially more prevalent in the LGBTQ culture be it alcohol, drugs or prescription medication there is a distinct acceptance of substance use and with that comes the risk of escalating addiction. Understanding how and why we approach addiction treatment differently is crucial in that we are a care centre that focusses on the specific needs of each client.

    Depression Help

    Treating the underlying causes for adult depression can be significantly more complex in gay communities than anywhere else. For this reason Recovery Direct has constructed a care programme that is understanding of these issues and has specialist counsellors able to mindfully work with clients in getting to the root of their depression causes.

    Trauma and PTSD

    Resolving residual traumatic experiences through specialist, personalised and confidential care therapy. Helps our clients to mindfully work through and manage their past experience layers to bring a growing sense of peace security back into their lives. Healing from past trauma is a fearless undertaking but a necessary step in the process of recovery.

    Anxiety Treatment

    Anxiety can be a debilitating condition and with the right help resolvable. Resolving core drivers of anxiety disorders through one of South Africa’s best most advanced treatment and anxiety care programmes will help you understand your anxiety like never before. Out Cape Town treatment centre with incorporates, specialist, qualified psychiatric care counsellors to help you beat anxiety.

    When you are in an environment that truly cares about who you are and supports you as an individual, the actual healing can begin. This is what makes Recovery Direct Cape Town centre such an ideal refuge for the LGBT community.

    Recovery Direct has a specialist and direct knowledge of the unique circumstances faced by the gay / LGBTQ community and our unique counselling services are designed to be especially sensitive around LGBTQ relationship dynamics. Recovery Direct’s is South Africa’s best known non-punitive care centre and we cater for a broad range of client requirements, we have been where you are and are here to help you now.

    When it is time to move forward and get the help you want to be in an environment that you can trust and that cares about your long term success.

    For an overview of treatment services provided by our care centre please visit have a look at the services page. The treatment continuum has been developed through the leading evidence-based insights and the latest psychological developments and not on outdated ideology.