Build A Sustainable Recovery Based Lifestyle

Using Realistic Addiction Recovery Solutions That Actually Work

All at a Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Rehab Treatment Methods


Recovery Direct
The Recovery Direct extended care programmes are a fraction of the cost of other long-term treatment centres and due to our unique format of treatment, patients are able to resume their day to day lives in the shortest time-frames possible.

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Individual Focused
Helping you find alcohol, drug and process addiction support solutions that will ultimately work for you as an individual is paramount.

Why waste time, money and effort on a rehab programme that is not tailored to fixing your problem.

Professional Advice
Many factors play a role in recovery.

  • Life Circumstances
  • Career / Family Commitments
  • Financial Considerations

Resolve problems that inhibit sustained recovery.

What Makes Recovery Direct so Different?

We provide patients with the right advice and guidance backed by the most comprehensive after care programme on this planet. Yes it’s that simple.

Long-term treatment is the single most influencing factor for sustainable addiction recovery.

Affordable, accessible solutions available to patients on a wide variety of options most relevant to their success.

Free advice in best way to deal with addiction problems.

Qualified to Help

Recovery Direct (Practice Number : 0572 896) has a formulated solution to keeping individuals proactive and productive in on the coal face of addiction.

We provide specialist treatment for alcoholics, drug users and a variety of other related addiction disorders that enable individuals to maintain productive day to day out-puts while in the process of ongoing addiction recovery.

Drug Rehab
Recovery Direct Drug rehabs in Cape Town.
Alcohol Rehab
Recovery Direct Alcohol Rehabs in Cape Town.
Process Addiction

We Work With Specialists In Their Field