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Exclusive Rehabilitation
The harrowing threat of a residential rehabilitation and “first time” admission places unnecessary stress on many new patients. Traditional inpatient rehab treatment is inhibited in it’s most crucial “first step”, making the admission process confusing, unsettling and a trying process where little of value is gained.
We understand this and would like to help you.
Individual Focused
Helping you find alcohol, drug and process addiction support solutions that will ultimately work for you as an individual is paramount.

Why waste time, money and effort on a drug or alcohol rehab program that is not tailored to fixing your problem. See the Recovery Direct treatment centre patient treatment protocol here.

Long Term Treatment
The best long-term rehab programmes are professionally operated services centred around a unique format of treatment.
Patients are able to resume their day to day lives in relatively short time-frames and stay within active treatment.

Long Term After Care

Private Addiction Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

What Makes Recovery Direct so Different?

We provide patients with daily personalised addiction counselling sessions.
Luxury rehab facilities based in Cape Town. Patients are supported in the most comprehensive after care and outpatient programmes of their kind.
It’s just that simple.

Long-term treatment is the single most influencing factor for sustainable addiction recovery.

Qualified to Help

Recovery Direct has a formulated solution to keeping individuals proactive and productive in on the coal face of addiction.

We provide specialist treatment for alcoholics, drug users and a variety of other related addiction disorders such as gambling, sex, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, khat, prescription drugs and over the counter medication substance abuse. Recovery Direct also manages a number of sober living homes and halfway houses and a workplace intervention services in the context of the addiction recovery and rehab programs. Our rehabilitation centre routine and positive behavioral reprogramming enables individuals to break free from their addictions and maintain productive day to day outputs while in the ongoing process of their recovery.