Finding Addiction Recovery Solutions That Work For You

Building A Sustainable Recovery Based Lifestyle

Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Recovery Methods


Cost Effective Recovery

The Recovery Direct extended secondary care programmes are a fraction of the cost of other long-term treatment centres and due to the format of the treatment, alcoholics and addicts are able to resume their work functions and day to day lives in the shortest possible time-frames. (Whilst remaining in structured low cost recovery).

Business Focused

We are committed to helping you find alcohol and drug addiction recovery solutions that will work for you or your business. The retention of skills combined with time saving strategies is one of our distinct value prospects. Recovery Direct makes it cheaper to recover than to recruit and provides a culture of caring in the business that employees can value.

Professional Advice

Many factors play a role in recovery.

  • Life Circumstances
  • Career / Family Commitments
  • Financial Considerations

We resolve the key factors that inhibit sustained recovery for individuals.

What Makes Recovery Direct Different?

We provide patients with the right advice on detox centres and offer an affordable 6 to 12 month after care programme to ensure that they have the skills and support they need to maintain an on-going recovery.

  • Long-term treatment is the single most documented factor in sustainable addiction recovery.
  • Affordable payment solutions available and negotiable with a variety of options that benefit employer and employee.
  • Free advice in best way to deal with addiction problems.
  • We save lives.

Qualified to Help

Recovery Direct (Practice Number : 0572 896) has a formulated solution to keeping workforces productive in on the coal face of addiction: We provide specialist treatment for alcoholics and drug users in the workplace that enable them to maintain productive out-puts while in the process of recovery.

We broker conversations with the right people to make the right decisions to get the right outcomes.

There is no One-Size-Fits-All approach to addiction recovery. Individuals are individuals and their needs differ in every case.

We’ll assess your needs (without charge) and then design a recovery programme or make a recommendation that is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Business Owners: Retain Key Staff Without Losing Skills to Addiction
A Better Option for Employers
We Work With Specialists In Their Field